Overseas Post-Doctoral Fellowship



SMU’s  Overseas Post-Doctoral Fellowship aims to provide doctoral candidates who are about to complete or have completed their doctoral studies, an opportunity to engage in mentored and advanced training and/or research at an overseas university or institute for one year. 

The fellowship includes a monthly stipend, overseas maintenance allowance, conference and fieldwork grants, overseas medical insurance, economy return airfare and a miscellaneous allowance.

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Service commitment

1 year

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Period of Fellowship

1 year

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Eligibility criteria

i. Singapore citizen. 
ii. The candidate's objectives for post-doctoral training/research are closely aligned with the objectives of the host school at SMU and the candidate has a clear proposal of what they hope to achieve during the post-doctoral assignment.
iii. Candidates should demonstrate a high degree of proficiency and motivation.
iv. Applications are invited from graduates with good doctoral or terminal degrees, which include, Business, Economics, Accountancy, Social Sciences, and Computer Science or Information Systems..
v. Doctoral candidates who are about to complete or have completed their PhD studies at a local autonomous university or an overseas university of high standing in any of the disciplines relevant to SMU.

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Supported Fields of Study

The following fields of study will be supported for advanced training and/or research:

- Accountancy
- Finance
- Marketing
- Strategy
- Operations Management
- Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources
Information Systems
Political Science

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Application Process

Candidates who interested to apply are required to complete and submit the Overseas Post-Doctoral Fellowship Application Form along with the following:
i)    research statement 
ii)    detailed CV
iii)    degree certificates and academic transcripts
iv)    names and email addresses of three references who are familiar with your education/work

You may also wish to submit your research papers for your post-doctoral assignment, if any.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview with faculty from their discipline of interest. Decisions on the fellowship award will be based on the interview and the application materials submitted.

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Application Timeline for 2017 Fellowship Awards

We thank you for your interest in SMU’s START Overseas Post-Doctoral Fellowship.

The current application round for 2017 awards has closed.

Applications which have been received will be considered during January and February 2017 with shortlisted applicants being notified during this period.

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Contact Information

Information sessions will be held on the following dates. Please revisit our website soon to sign up for the sessions:

a. 29 Aug 2017, 6.30pm – 7.30pm
b. 14 Sep 2017, 6.30pm – 7.30pm

Venue: To be confirmed and updated

For further information about SMU’s START Overseas Post-Doctoral Fellowship please write to our coordinator at: START_OPF_Coordinator@smu.edu.sg

Thank you.

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Last updated on 23 Mar 2017.