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Key Events


Symbolic Student Life Events

A number of significant student events are celebrated throughout the academic year. Jointly organised by the student groups, project committees as well as alumni, they provide SMU students with rich and fulfilling experiences outside the classroom, and prepare them for life after graduation.

July & August
Freshmen Orientation Camps

New undergraduates are inducted into SMU, including its unique culture and values and SMU LifeLessons, during fun-filled Freshmen Orientation Camps, held on campus.

Academic Year Opening Ceremony

SMU undergraduates are formally welcomed back to school on this special day which comprises a CCA fun-fair and an official ceremony by SMU president and SMU faculty in the evening.

SMU Arts Festival

SMU's signature arts event showcasing the creativity and artistic flair of the university's arts fraternity.

SMU Commencement

SMU's series of graduation ceremonies, held on campus, mark the completion of undergraduates' academic journey at SMU, and their commencement into the working world.


UNIC Experiences @ SMU

SMU collaborates extensively with organisations, institutions and arts establishments in the vicinity to deepen community engagement in facilitating the build-up of Singapore's cultural and civic capital. These constitute SMU's University in the City (UNIC) experiences that members of the SMU community, the public, as well as beneficiaries can engage in and be a part of.

SMU Challenge

An annual community service and charity event where the SMU community comes together to do their bit for the less fortunate. The event comprises of a donation drive, and culminates with a charity walkathon within the vicinity.

SMU Patron's Day

SMU's birthday is celebrated in January or February with a huge carnival of food, shows and games on campus. SMU's Patron, the President of Singapore, graces this festive occasion as the guest-of-honour.

Music For A Cause

Music For A Cause is a collaborative effort by SMU and various partners to raise funding and awareness for social causes through a music festival. Youths, in particular, are given special focus using the popular platforms of music and entrepreneurship.


Last updated on 9 Nov 2017.