94%* of SMU graduates secured jobs within the first
six months of graduation, with high starting salaries.
(Source: Joint Graduate Employment Survey 2016)

Undergraduate application closes on
26 March 2017, 11.59PM (SGT)

SMU Masters Day 2017
Saturday 25th March

Join us for a day of Master Classes, information sessions
and student and alumni sharing to discover the next step
in your career and personal development.


Quantedge Foundation gifts $8M to seed-fund
SMU’s new initiative - SMU Access - that funds
100% tuition fees for eligible incoming
Singaporean students.

A Scholarship that Impacts.
It isn't just about responding
to change. It's about making
change that matters.

The new SMU Global Impact Scholarship is designed to nurture a
new generation of leaders, committed to solving complex global and
local challenges, thus making an impact on society.

Undergraduate application closes on 26 March 2017, 11.59PM (SGT)

SMU team to represent
Singapore at world’s
most prestigious public
law moot competition

School of law mooters progress to the International Round
of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court
Competition after winning national title

Insights from Thought Leaders

Employees help each other less during economic downturns

Associate Professor Marko Pitesa
Nov 2016

In this podcast, Assoc Prof Marko Pitesa discusses his research which found that people are less willing to help each other at work when the economic outlook darkens. This is due to a behaviour termed ‘zero-sum construal of success’ - a view that one person’s success requires someone else to fail. Assoc Prof Pitesa highlights how managers can strengthen workforce cohesion to mitigate this behaviour.


The freedom of drones: Balancing regulations in the flight ahead

Nov 2016

In this podcast, Asst Prof of Law Chen Siyuan unravels insights about why some of the existing concerns about drones may be overstated, and discusses drone regulations around the world. He also proposes legislative tweaks that provide a better balance.
Assistant Professor Chen Siyuan

Research@SMU and Its Impact

Great expectations for Singapore inflation index

27 Feb 2017

An innovative index of inflation expectations among Singaporean households aspires to be a useful tool for...

Curiosity created the scientist

27 Feb 2017

What inspires scientists to keep going, despite encountering failure on a daily basis? By Sim Shuzhen SMU...

The smart city revolution will not be centralised

27 Feb 2017

How should smart systems underlying smart cities be organised? An expert panel shares their thoughts on this...

Gains from hands-on experience in data analytics

27 Feb 2017

Introduction of experiential learning into an undergraduate Information Systems course at SMU led to a “win-...

Other Highlights

State of UniversityState of University
Address 2016

SMU President shares his directions and strategies towards realising SMU Vision 2025.

Campus DevelopmentExciting Campus Development

Learn about our new developments on campus green and the new School of Law building.

Postgraduate Research ProgrammesPostgraduate Research Programmes

Research Excellence across Management, Social Science & Technology. 

Watch a video on SMU PhD Student-Faculty Interaction.

Master of Science in Wealth ManagementMaster of Science in Wealth Management

Ranked 3rd globally and 1st in Asia by Financial Times.


Areas of Excellence

SMU's Areas of Excellence are university-level competencies that leverage inter-disciplinary approaches to solve challenges for society. ATTRACTIVE SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PHD STUDENTS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EXCITING WORK IN THESE AREAS.

Analytics for Business, Consumer & Social Insights

  • Big data is the new norm of and the capabilities of new technologies make new insights possible.
» Learn More

Finance & Financial Markets

  • Financial markets are vital to enabling business creation and expansion. SMU hosts 17 competencies and real-world test beds related to financial markets.
» Learn more

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • In global markets, innovation is the foundation of economic growth and entrepreneurship provides the necessary mobilization for economic value creation.
» Learn more

Urban Management & Sustainability

  • Developing innovative solutions to efficient resource planning and allocation for enhanced urban mobility and operations.
» Learn more

Ageing & Healthcare Management

  • Bringing together the best researchers in ageing to help Singapore prepare for its ageing population.