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This website provides important information for the SMU community about the Whistleblowing policy (“WB policy”). The policy provides guidelines on how to report, what to report and who to report to when an improper activity is noted, and the protection given to the person who made the report in good faith and in accordance with the WB policy.


1. A Whistleblower may make a report through the various communication channels as follows:

Communication Channels

Whistleblowing Hotline : 6828 9669
Whistleblowing Faxline : 6828 0470
Whistleblowing Email :

  Note that the whistleblowing hotline is meant solely for the filing of protected reports. For undergraduate admission matters, please call +65 6828 0980. All other general queries should be directed to the SMU main line +65 6828 0100.

(i) Principal Receiving Officer

Ms Jasmine Tan Lee Li
Designation: Head of Internal Audit
Phone: 6828 0211

Or write to:
81 Victoria Street Administration Building S188065
Attention to The Office of Internal Audit

(ii) Other Receiving Officers

(a) Professor Arnoud De Meyer
Designation: President
Phone: 6828 0181

(b) Mr Edmund Lin
Designation: Audit Committee Chairperson
Mark Confidential and submit c/o SMU Office of President
(Report to Audit Committee Chairperson can only be made via hardcopy)

2. To facilitate investigation on the protected report received, a Whistleblower is encouraged to:

  1. make a protected report in writing; and
  2. provide their name and contact number or email address so that the receiving officer may, if necessary, contact the Whistleblower for more information.

However, a Whistleblower may choose to remain anonymous.

3. Protected reports received will be maintained by the Office of Internal Audit. A review/investigation will be conducted and a summary of the protected reports, its status and outcome of investigations will be tabled for the Audit Committee’s information and/or necessary action.

4. In the case of an anonymous protected report, there may be occasions or circumstances in which, having taken all the information available into account, the receiving officer may not pursue the allegations due to insufficient information. As such, we encourage you to provide your contacts.

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Last updated on 18 Apr 2018.