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Architecture, Design and Green Features

Campus Green

The layout and design of Campus Green will be enhanced to realise it's potential as the truly pulsating heartbeat of SMU. While preserving the existing view corridor between the National Museum and the Singapore Art Museum, activity-generating areas and infrastructure that support new lifestyle expectations, informal interaction and collaboration, as well as artistic expressions will be injected to Campus Green, while maintaining natural openness and part ambience.

Three key facilities - "The Curve" CCA area, an amphitheatre, and a fitness centre - to be introduced on Campus Green, will be primary activators that change the ground, through the day and night. Urban design features will make the SMU Campus Green active, comfortable and accessible. The development will further integrate SMU into the city and enable the University to further engage our various stakeholder groups in the larger community.

New Fitness Centre

The fitness centre will be enlarged and enhanced to meet the lifestyle habits of the millennial student, and to provide an experiential learning space to support SMU's sports curriculum. Stretching from the SMU Concourse in the basement to the Campus Green on the ground level, the Fitness Centre looks out to the heritage [correct?] Yes. Bodhi Tree and The Curve - enclosed yet feeling much like an 'outdoor' space. The Fitness Centre facade has also designed to support SMU's Greenmark Platinum status.

Creative Learning Spaces

Additional learning and teaching spaces will be created to alleviate the current space crunch and will support SMU's vision to provide transformative education for a new generation of graduates. Flexible event spaces, seminar rooms, and dedicated study areas for SMU students will inject a flow of life, ideas and knowledge into the SMU Concourse area below ground-level. These learning spaces are where new ideas are created and shared between students and faculty, and where critical thinking, collaboration and learning can take place.

Basement Concourse

SMU's basement Concourse provide a covered link to all facilities and buildings within the SMU campus in the city. Here, the introduction of a three-level fitness centre allows for the creation of new and vibrant nodal points. The design allows for the yoga, Pilates and Gymnasium (fitness centre) to be used even on weekends and will welcome more life and traffic flow in to the Concourse.


Last updated on 16 Nov 2017.