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SMU Emerging Artist Award

SMU Emerging Artists Award

The SMU Emerging Artist Award is the result of project initiated and led by the late Professor Winston Koh and alumnus Hong Huazheng as part of SMU’s 10th anniversary.

The Award seeks to identify passionate and talented artists in the SMU undergraduate community. It recognises the artist's past work and accomplishments, and encourages the artist to continually grow and nurture one’s love and involvement in the arts. The award also aims to raise awareness of the arts within the university. For more details of the Award, please click here.

Since its inception, the SMU Emerging Artist Award was awarded to the following recipients who served as active members in SMU’s vibrant arts and cultural community.

The following students were recipients of the Award:

2017: Chua Zhihao from SMU Symphonia

Chua Zhihao learned the flute since he was 9 years old and have been under the tutelage of flautist Wang Tong. He has performed with various ensembles for the past 10 years including Philharmonic Youth Winds and Mus’Art Wind Orchestra. He received the Gold Award at the World Music Contest (Holland) with Mus’Art Wind Orchestra. He serves as Vice President and Director for Office of Music at SMU Symphonia. He pioneered an independent ensemble Tomodachi Winds that aims to provide a platform for youths to explore different music forms. His long-term goal is to support local talents and continue to involve youths in the arts.



2016: Jasmine Wong from SMU Stereometa and SMU SoundFoundry

Jasmine Wong is a singer-songwriter, music producer and DJ. She has worked with renowned local musicians including Randolf Arriola and Saiful Idris. She was DJ Head at SMU Stereometa and has performed with the band MATÜRA for events such as SMU Sports Day, AVIVA Superfundae at Gardens by the Bay and Anaki Rock Festival. In her commitment to develop her music career, she took on internships with magazines such as JUICE and i-D. She signed with independent music label 13 Orphans and released two singles in 2016. She strongly believes in creative collaborations and will explore exchange programmes near the bustling electronic music scenes of United States or France.



2015: Soon Kian Keong from SMU Ballare

Soon Kian Keong started out as a volleyball player for 15 years. He was inspired to pursue ballroom dancing after a conversation with the late Professor Winston. He rose through the ranks from a novice to professional level by participating fiercely in local, regional and international competitions. He served as President of SMU Ballare in 2013 and handled over six productions. He was awarded the SMU Outstanding Student Life Award (Gold) in 2015. He is committed to ballroom dancing and hope to inspire more people to take up standard ballroom dancing as a lifelong passion.



2014: Koh Hui Rong from SMU Chinese Orchestra

At 8 years old, Koh Hui Rong learned the traditional Chinese musical instrument pipa under Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Young Talent Programme. She served as President of SMU Chinese Orchestra (SMUCO) and became their ensemble leader in 2014. During that year, SMUCO achieved Gold with Honours award at the International Chinese Instrumental Music Arts Festival in Taipei. She also won Gold prizes for both solo and ensemble categories at the International Folk Instrumental Music Competition in San Jose, USA. She believes in the importance of preserving the history of traditional music with the flexibility of exploring contemporary collaborations to remain relevant.



2013: Daniel Lee from SMU StageIT and SMU Broadcast & Entertainment

Daniel Lee was President of SMU StageIT and an active member of SMU Broadcast & Entertainment (SMUBE). He handled stage, light and technical design for productions by SMU StageIT and other clubs such as SMU Ardiente, SMU VOIX and SMU Ivory Keys. He was a finalist in the SMUBE’s Voice Personality Hunt 2012 and have hosted various events at SMU. As President of StageIT, he wrote and directed StageIT’s productions such as Salomé Twisted. Daniel believes “the arts isn’t a game of popularity or ticket sales, but a commitment to changing the world – one auditorium at a time.”



Last updated on 6 Dec 2017.