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Student artistes under SMU’s Arts & Cultural Fraternity (ACF) enjoy regular exposure through campus and external events held in Singapore’s arts and heritage belt. Many have represented SMU on the international stage, impressing overseas audiences and garnering prestigious accolades for the university. Some of the fraternity's outstanding achievements and acclaimed productions include:

Annual Productions

SMU Arts Festival organised by Office of Student Life in collaboration with SMU ACF

An annual celebration of the creativity and artistic flair of students from SMU Arts & Culture clubs. In 2017, the team presented 35 unique programmes over 10 days of the festival and attracted over 6,300 festival goers and participants.

GAYA by SMU Komunitas Indonesia

Short for Gelar Budaya, GAYA is an annual theatre production by students within and outside SMU’s Indonesian community. It showcases Indonesia’s rich and multi-faceted culture.

SMUCOFY by SMU Chinese Orchestra

An annual concert of Chinese classics and popular favourites from the East and West, performed under the baton of SMUCO’s prominent resident conductor Mr Quek Ling Kiong.


Community Engagement

SMU Orchestra Outreach 2016 by SMU Symphonia

An outdoor concert led by prominent local conductor, Mr Adrian Chiang. Featuring a medley from the musical Les Miserables performed with SMU Chamber Choir.

Showcases at Singapore Night Festival

Music, song and dance took centre stage as student clubs from SMU’s Arts and Cultural Fraternity were represented in the largest outdoor performing arts festival.

International Samba Festival in Coburg, Germany featuring SMU Samba Masala

SMU Samba Masala has been invited to perform at Europe's biggest samba festival four consecutive times since 2010. In 2016, the group performed in Berlin, Manchester and Liverpool after their much-lauded festival performance.


Competitive Achievements

A Cappella Championships

Organised by The A Cappella Society, AcaChamps is a established national A Cappella competition. This year marks SMU VOIX’s first champion win in the Open Category.

Super 24 National Dance Competition

SMU Eurhythmix was ranked 2nd (open category) in 2017 at this annual showdown where 24 dancers perform an original choreography within an 8-metre square.

India International Dance Congress 

SMU Caderas Latinas represented SMU and Singapore at the Indian International Dance Congress (IIDC) held in Bagalore, India. The SMU Senior Team won 2nd Place, and the SMU Junior Team received 4th Place.



Last updated on 16 Nov 2017.