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RSS & iCal feeds

What is an RSS feed?

RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is a common mechanism where publishers can offer their frequently updated information (news, events, blog entries, multimedia (audio and video)) through a standard web feed. The RSS feed usually contains useful metadata like a summary of the info, publisher's name, and publication date, and also enclosures like photo thumbnails.

Visitors of the Singapore Management University sites can subscribe to these RSS news feeds, and can stay updated on the latest news and events, without having to manually check the web site for new content. This is usually done via a RSS news reader. Much like a news 'fetcher', RSS news readers or aggregators can help you download the news items automatically and present for your reading pleasure, at a later time. RSS news readers can be web-based, desktop-based, or mobile-device-app based. Some of them are free, while others are commercially available.

How do I use the SMU RSS feeds?

To use the SMU RSS feeds, you need a feed reader. You can do a search for "RSS feed reader" on web search engines for examples of these software. Some examples include Feedreader (Windows), Vienna (Mac OSX) or Feedly (web-based).

The following links are the SMU RSS feeds:


Subscribe to RSS feed

To receive an RSS feed from one of the following categories, copy the feed URL and add them into your news reader.

What is an iCal feed?

iCalendar (iCal, .ics) is a popular calendar data exchange format which allows you to subscribe to a calendar and receive updates as calendar data changes.

How to access iCal feed?

A number of popular calendar applications on Mac and PC platforms support iCalendar (.ics) feeds. These include "iCal" on the Mac and "Outlook" on the PC.

Google Calendar and other online calendar applications also support iCal.

The following links are the SMU Upcoming Events iCal feeds:


Terms and Conditions

By using the SMU RSS and iCal feed, you agree to be bound by the following  Terms and Conditions.


Last updated on 15 Nov 2016.