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International Students

Our SMU Masters hail from 6 of the 7 major continents!

On the "FAQ" tab, there is some useful information for International Students studying in Singapore for the first time. 
For additional information, you may wish to approach your respective graduate programme office for advice.  Upon commencement of studies in SMU, you can also refer to the PG Guide page for the quick links to various departments and student platforms.

To facilitate a smooth administrative process in Singapore, please ensure that you have these items ready prior to your departure for Singapore:

  • A valid passport for international travel with a validity of at least six months.
  • A photocopy of the bio-data page of the passport
  • Student pass In-Principal-Approval (IPA) Letter
  • Form 16 – to be presented when collecting your student pass from ICA.
  • Pre-enrolment medical report.
  • SMU's Letter of Offer (printed copies from email are also acceptable)
  • All original academic transcripts and educational documents -- official translations of documents are required if they are not in English
  • Other forms of personal identification, such as an identity card and birth certificate
  • Six passport-sized photographs done in your home country (size: 35mm x 43mm)
  • Letter or email confirming your accommodation plans in Singapore.

NOTE: Your graduate programme office may require you to provide other essential documentation if necessary as well.

SMU will arrange for a visa to be issued should you require one to enter Singapore. The student's pass in-principal approval (IPA) letter that you will receive will include a single-entry visa. Please ensure that you have received the IPA letter before you leave for Singapore.


Remember to complete the Disembarkation/ Embarkation card, which you will receive while on the plane; copies are also available at the Immigration Checkpoint at the Singapore Changi Airport.  You must present this with your passport and the original copy of your Student's Pass approval letter (application for those who require a visa to enter Singapore) to the Duty Officer at the Immigration Checkpoint upon your arrival in Singapore. Please retain the portion of the Disembarkation/ Embarkation card and your Student's Pass approval letter which will be returned to you, as these are required for the completion of your Student's Pass formalities at the Immigration Checkpoints Authority.

Please also complete your Student's Pass formalities at the Immigration Checkpoints Authority (ICA) – please see Question on “How do I go about applying for my Student Pass?”
Required documents (please refer to the ICA website for latest updates on documentation on a timely basis):

  • IPA Letter
  • Passport
  • Disembarkation/ Embarkation card
  • Form 16
  • Medical examination report from approved hospitals/clinics in Singapore – refer to the Question on “Are there any medical test that I have to undergo?”


In accordance with the Immigration Act, any foreigner who is not a Singapore Permanent Resident and wishes to study at SMU is required to apply for a Student's Pass.
SMU will advise you by email on the Student's Pass application procedures. After receiving the email, please log on to the SOLAR system on the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website, with your assigned SOLAR application number and your personal particulars. Once you have logged on to the system, you may proceed to complete the Student's Pass application form (Form 16) and submit the application online to ICA for processing.
Please ensure that you read through the FAQs before you proceed to apply online. The FAQs are available at the ICA website.
Completion of Formality (COF)
All international students are also required to make an e-appointment with ICA for the Completion of Formality (COF). Once you have confirmed your travel dates, please log on to SOLAR or the ICA website to arrange an e-appointment date as there are limited slots. Please note that:

  • For postgraduates, you must book a date before your respective graduate offices' stipulated student card collection date
  • You are only allowed to cancel your appointment online once

When you have the Student’s Pass issued by the ICA, please note that you are only allowed to work (limited hours applicable) during the school term or term break if certain specific requirements are strictly met.  More information, please refer to the Ministry of Manpower website at, before you apply for any work.


International students are required to cancel their Student’s Pass at the end of their study and they may apply for a Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) should they wish to stay around for a longer period to search for a job. 
Please note that graduates who are holding the long term visit pass are not allowed to work during this period of time, until a valid work (employment) pass has been issued by the employer (  For more information on the application process for long term visit pass upon cancellation of Student’s Pass, please refer to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority website at


All students are required to undergo a compulsory medical examination in Singapore prior to starting their studies at SMU.  Please check with your graduate programme office for a list of the latest approved or recommended clinics before making the appointment. 

If you are allowed to do the medical check-up in your home country as well, please note that the full original medical report has to be in English, and duly signed, dated and officially stamped/endorsed by the doctor/clinic/hospital.  If the report is not acceptable and rejected, you will be required to redo the medical examination in Singapore at your own costs.


Medical facilities in Singapore are generally of a high standard and readily available, with basic consultation fees starting from SGD30 onwards (exclusive of medication and diagnostic services), depending on the services rendered.
Alternatively, SMU students may visit The Clinic @ Campus Pte. Ltd. which is located in the SMU concourse area (students need to bring their SMU student cards in order to be charged at a subsidized rate).  The clinic can be contacted at +65 6333 9300, and it offers a full range of services including health checks, travel health services, health screening packages, pre-employment check-ups etc.


Unless otherwise advised by their programme offices, SMU students are covered under a Group Personal Accident Policy, and a Medical and Group Hospitalisation & Surgical Policy.  For more information such as the procedures for claims and coverage, please refer to your respective graduate programme offices.  Students who require additional coverage may approach the SMU appointed insurance company directly to make the purchase themselves.


SMU is located at the heart of the Central Business District and is very accessible via public transportation. 
Address of the main SMU administration building (to visit departments such as Offices of Finance, Registrar, Career Services):
Singapore Management University
Administration Building,
81 Victoria Street,
Singapore 188065

By MRT – alight at Bras Basah Station of the Circle Line (for latest updates, refer

By Bus – 7, 14, 16, 36, 111, 131, 162, 167, 171, 502, 518, 700, 700A (for latest updates, refer

By Taxi – Taxi service in Singapore is easily available, convenient, and reasonably priced. If this is your first time in Singapore, you are strongly advised to take a taxi to your place of accommodation from Changi Airport.  At the Singapore Changi Airport, the taxi stand is located in the Arrival Hall on Terminals 1, 2, 3 and Budget Terminal.  All taxis are metered and fares must be charged according to the taximeter.  A list of possible additional surcharges can be found posted in the taxis – please note there is a surcharge of between S$3 to S$5 for trips from the airport, with additional surcharges that may be applicable depending on arrival time and destinations.  For more information on the taxi services in Singapore, you may refer to


International students can choose to rent apartments on their own or apply for suitable student accommodation with several private student hostel service providers available in Singapore, such as Palm & Oak Hostel, Pearl’s Hill Terrace Hostel, Yo:HA hostel, CSL Student Hostel (Selegie) and so on.
If you prefer to rent a private apartment, you can engage the services of property agents to help you with such arrangements. Please note that you would need to pay an agent fee if you engage their services. These are some of the things to look out for:

  • Rent - This includes the rental amount of the unit, rental deposit, security deposit, administrative charges, agent fees for service rendered, etc.
  • Location - Check whether the apartment is conveniently located, any safety issues, and if public transport, grocery stores, food outlets or banks are easily accessible.
  • Period of lease - The lease of a unit is normally for a year unless otherwise informed.  Landlords of private apartments usually ask for up to three months' rent as deposit. Short term lease may be available but usually at a higher rental.  Please check with the hostel or private accommodation provider on the terms and conditions for the contractual period, in order to avoid possible disputes for termination of stay.
  • Others - Please note that all the private hostels have no affiliation with SMU whatsoever, and do not represent an endorsement by SMU in any way.  The contract or tenancy agreement is made solely between the student and hostel management or owner, and SMU is unable to mediate in the event of a dispute.  Please make sure that you have visited the hostel or apartment for rent,  and be responsible in practicing due care and diligence prior to committing to the contract or tenancy agreement and making any payment.  In the event of a dispute, you may consult CASE Singapore at or at: CASE Consumer Hotline: 6 1000 315 (Hotline Operating Hours: Mon - Fri: 9am to 5pm, Sat: 9am to 12pm).

Below are estimations of how much is required during your stay in Singapore. They do not include tuition fees and travel expenses from your home country to Singapore.
An international student in Singapore spends, on average, from about S$900 to S$2,000++ a month on living expenses.  The following amounts are only estimates, which will vary according to your preferred lifestyle and programme requirements.  For example, it does not include expenses for overseas residential segments and overseas study missions, if these are required as part of your programme curriculum.

  • Accommodation (rental varies with location, type of accommodation, facilities provided & the number of people sharing, etc.)
    S$400 - S$1,200
  • Utilities (including water and electricity; not applicable for hostel stays unless otherwise stated in contracts)
    S$50 - S$100
  • Food (if daily meals are consumed at a local food centre)
    S$300 - S$500
  • Local transportation (depends on travel distance and mode of transport)
    S$50 - S$150
  • Telecommunications (depends on usage and subscription packages for mobile and internet access services)
    S$50 - S$150
  • Books and other study-related purchases
    Amount will vary, depending on whether textbook costs are inclusive in the tuition fees and other course requirements, as advised by your graduate programme office.  Purchase of computer or laptop and other IT software and equipment are separate expenses as well.
  • Entertainment and other Personal Expenses
    Amount will vary for individuals.

Last updated on 4 Jul 2017.