New and revamped master's programmes

7 Jan 2018

To equip students for today’s ever-changing and dynamic economic environment, SMU ensures its master’s programmes are relevant and diverse. SMU, which has 20 professional master’s programmes, will offer an additional one next year. It will also expand and revamp some of its existing offerings. In August this year, SMU will offer a new Master of Science in Accounting (Data and Analytics) course – the first master’s degree programme in Asia that will help accounting professionals widen their skill sets to deal with massive amounts of data and obtain insights needed for informed decision making.

According to SMU Associate Professor of Accounting (Practice) and Dean for Postgraduate Professional Programmes Themin Suwardy, the new changes are made to ensure the relevancy of the courses to help students gain new knowledge and insights, upgrade skills and be more versatile in their career progression. He added that people pursue postgraduate studies due to a combination of personal growth, career advancement and development. Associate Prof Suwardy said that postgraduate education helps to broaden exposure and networking as well as sharpens students’ analytical skills and prepares them to cope with more complex and unknown problems in the future.

The Sunday Times

Last updated on 12 Jan 2018.

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