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The Continuing Transformation of Nigeria
- Olusegun Obasanjo

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Capitalism, Externalities and Social Institutions
- Craig Calhoun

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"Investing in Europe – The Way Forward"
- Jyrki Katainen

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A World Without Secrets
- Alessandro Acquisti

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Indonesia: Resilience and Going Beyond the "New Normal"
- Mari Pangestu

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"Those who think money can't buy happiness just don't know where to shop."
- Jonathan Haidt

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The Future of The European Economy
- Herman Van Rompuy

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Leadership in a Networked World
- Rosabeth Moss Kanter

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Contemporary Global Economy through the Eyes of Asia
- Robert B. Zoellick

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The Origins of Political Order
- Dr Francis Fukuyama

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Grounding Management as a Fundamental Discipline
- Dr Fernando Flores

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World’s second biggest economy
- Zhang Jie

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Winning in Emerging Markets:

A Roadmap for Strategy and Execution.
- Tarun Khanna
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The New Story of Indonesia
- Gita Wirjawan

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Run of The Red Queen

China's Challenge to Stay at the Frontier of Global Technology.
- Dan Breznitz
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Garuda Rising, Black Swan Waiting:

Economic and Political Futures of Indonesia
- Donald Emmerson
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Swimming Against the Current:

Challenges on the Way to Scientific Discovery
- Donald Stein
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Governing for Sustainability :

A Hungarian Perspective on Climate Change, Environment and Responsibility for Future Generations
- László Sólyom
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Challenges and Opportunities for Asian Research Universities
- Dr. Suh, Nam Pyo

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Emerging Democracies and Economies of Eastern Europe:

A Case Study on Yugoslavia and Hungary
- Tibor Varady & Gyula Kodolányi
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Diffusion of Innovation:

How to Achieve Rapid Take-off
- Thomas S. Robertson
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Corporate Social Responsibility:

Creating Value
- Dr Diana Robertson
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Islam, Human Rights and Secularism
- Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im

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Presidential Distinguished Lecturer Series | SMU

Speakers invited to the Singapore Management University for the Presidential Distinguished Lecturer Series are internationally eminent and outstanding academics, scholars or business leaders who have achieved distinction in their respective fields. The purpose of the lecture series is to stimulate discussions among students, faculty and staff about matters of interest and importance in order to develop more fully the intellectual community of SMU.

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21 March 2016:
Olusegun Obasanjo

As the 7th most populous country in the world, Nigeria has an abundance of both human and natural resources. Being the biggest oil producer and one of the largest manufacturing sectors in Africa, it is the 22nd largest economy in the world. However, Nigeria continues to have the highest number of poor people in Africa today with 61% of its population living in absolute poverty.

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