94%* of SMU graduates secured jobs before graduation
and within the first six months of graduation.
*Source: Graduate Employment Survey 2015


Class of 2016—SMU's largest graduating class—graduates at
SMU’s 13th Commencement ceremony.

SMU Lee Kong Chian
School of Business ranks well
in the Financial Times Global
Masters in Finance Rankings 2016

3rd in the world and 1st in Asia for MWM (Post-experience Ranking)
and 4th among Asian business schools for MAF (Pre-experience Ranking).

SMU’s strategies for the next
stage of Singapore’s
economic growth.

Faculty and staff propose key recommendations
to the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE)


SMU now has the best track record in the competition,
and is the first university to successfully defend a championship
in a major international moot.

Insights from Thought Leaders

The impact of trade integration on income divergence & global imbalances

Assistant Professor Zhang Haiping
Jun 2016

Regional trade agreements have gained momentum since the 1990s and there are indications that this trend will continue. However, do these agreements lead to convergence of the living standards among member states? In this podcast, Asst Prof of Economics Zhang Haiping shares a model which he has developed to explain the impact of trade integration on global imbalances, as well as income divergence in developed and developing countries.


Cash-rich companies: More than meets the eye

May 2016

There is a lot that companies can do with cash, e.g. boost inventories, raise wages, make capital expenditures, etc. but can companies have too much cash? In this podcast, SMU Asst Prof Yuanto Kusnadi discusses his research into cash-rich companies and why a healthy bank balance may be more than meets the eye.
Assistant Professor Yuanto Kusnadi

Research@SMU and Its Impact

How Culture Shapes Our Behaviour

28 Jun 2016

Research by SMU Assistant Professor Cheng Chi-Ying is unlocking how our cultural identity shapes our lives...

Drones, Drugs and the Death Penalty

28 Jun 2016

Fears that recreational drones could be used for spying or terrorism are based on little more than paranoia...

Reinventing Retail

28 Jun 2016

To maximise their bottom line, online retailers must integrate digital business data with physical product...

Beyond Wall Street to Suburban Streets

6 Apr 2016

New research by SMU Assistant Professor Choi Hyun-Soo is uncovering the drivers behind household financial...

Other Highlights

State of UniversityState of University
Address 2015

SMU President shares his directions and strategies towards realising SMU Vision 2025.

Campus DevelopmentExciting Campus Development

Learn about our new developments on campus green and the new School of Law building.

Postgraduate Research ProgrammesPostgraduate Research Programmes

Research Excellence across Management, Social Science & Technology. 

Watch a video on SMU PhD Student-Faculty Interaction.

Master of Science in Wealth ManagementMaster of Science in Wealth Management

Ranked 3rd globally and 1st in Asia by Financial Times.


Areas of Excellence

SMU's Areas of Excellence are university-level competencies that leverage inter-disciplinary approaches to solve challenges for society. ATTRACTIVE SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PHD STUDENTS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EXCITING WORK IN THESE AREAS.

Analytics for Business, Consumer & Social Insights

  • Big data is the new norm of and the capabilities of new technologies make new insights possible.
» Learn More

Finance & Financial Markets

  • Financial markets are vital to enabling business creation and expansion. SMU hosts 17 competencies and real-world test beds related to financial markets.
» Learn more

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • In global markets, innovation is the foundation of economic growth and entrepreneurship provides the necessary mobilization for economic value creation.
» Learn more

Urban Management & Sustainability

  • Developing innovative solutions to efficient resource planning and allocation for enhanced urban mobility and operations.
» Learn more

Ageing & Healthcare Management

  • Bringing together the best researchers in ageing to help Singapore prepare for its ageing population.