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Amazin'Graze aims to change the way people snack through offering a variety of healthy snacks made from 100% natural ingredients. They are freshly hand-baked and do not contain refined sugar, preservatives or additives.

Their granolas can be eaten on its own as a snack, or paired with milk or yoghurt. Nuts can also be eaten on its own or used as salad toppings.


Baesil - SMU Grow

Project BAEsils aims to educate the SMU community on the health benefits of plants and to encourage individuals to embark on their journey in plant care. Their mission is to raise awareness on the valuable benefits that plants have but are not commonly known amongst millennials. By exposing youths to urban gardening, Project BAEsils sets to spark youths’ interest and expand their knowledge on horticulture.

SMU Grow is a university-wide program focused on sustainability. They involve students, staff and faculty in cultivating change through experiential and reflexive learning.


Ecotopia - SMU Grow

Weird&WonderfulEdibles is a business that specializes in exotic edibles and the breeding of pollinators for all gardens. The shop has over 80 species of plants and focuses on locally available herbs with medicinal properties. The aim of the business is to encourage the growing of edibles that suit Singapore’s climate as well as the sharing of their history. Many herbs sold were used as folk medicines during the Japanese Invasion and remain an important (yet, often ignored and forgotten) part of Singapore’s past.

Other available edibles include those commonly used for culinary purposes. The message behind encouraging Singaporeans to grow what they eat is one of sustainability and love for the environment. In the same vein, the business only uses up-cycled pots and organically harvested soil (from compost) when selling plants.

Lastly, the business also stresses the importance of organic farming methods. This means that all plants should be pollinated by bees, butterflies, beetles and ants. Earthworms are also for sale! This encourages consumers to be one with nature and love animals around them.

SMU Grow is a university-wide program focused on sustainability. They involve students, staff and faculty in cultivating change through experiential and reflexive learning.


Fressly Pressed Socks

“Clothing is a form of self-expression - there are hints about who you are in what you wear.” - Marc Jacobs. Freshly Pressed Socks certainly reflects this with each pair of their socks reflecting the possible secret identities we have.

From their years in advertising, Vincent, Ling and Karl have transferred their knowledge to the business, designing socks that are aesthetic, functional but more importantly curated with personalities. The socks are manufactured in Korea, using quality fabrics to withstand the daily wear and tear.

So, whether you identify with a superhero, a cartoon character, basketball player or you simply love a good design, Freshly Pressed Socks can definitely connect with you from the feet up.


Haiku Fever

Come with a thought and leave with a haiku! At Haiku Fever, Dave turns personal stories into spontaneous poetry. Tell him what's on your mind and he'll write you a haiku*.

How to request for a haiku:
a) Tell him a topic(s) you have in mind and why it’s important to you
b) Tell him your personal stories / dilemmas
c) Request a haiku for a loved one and share their traits/ anecdotes
d) Give him 3 words as prompts and challenge his creativity

*All haikus are typewritten on a wallet-sized craft card.  


Knocks Singapore

Knocks is a humble start up from Singapore that was founded in 2014. It specializes in handcrafted lifestyle products including bags, laptop sleeves and accessories made from faux leather. Knocks products are focused on quality, design and affordability. The company is also known for its personalization services, with free name embossing service provided on all its products. Knocks also has one of the largest variety of faux leather laptop sleeves in Singapore. If you are looking for a meaningful gift for a friend or even for yourself, Knocks is the place for you.
Founder and Director, unious Lim is a SMU alumna. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management in 2016.



You give flowers to your loved ones on special occasions. We’re here to eternalize that special moment.

LOVEINAFRAME.CO handpicks the freshest flowers and prepares them for you just as a florist prepares a bouquet.

The difference? These flowers are here to stay and are immortalized in a floating frame that displays beauty in its entirety. Hang it up on the wall or display it on a table, it’s your choice.

What else? We provide complimentary on-frame name embossing and type-written note services to customize your very special gift for your even more special loved one. 


Maketh Project

Maketh Project started with the goal of sharing knowledge and skills in leather crafting. Focusing on custom workshops over the past two years, they now create unique designs and crafts to satisfy your desires.


Nishi Watches

Nishi was incepted in 2017 with the idea of creating simple and affordable watches. Brought together by the love for minimalism, they are innovators dedicated to creating products that carry the message of making the most out of your life. Nishi is a combination of the Japanese words two ('knee') and four ('she') which symbolizes 24 hours. Nishi (逆时) also means counter-clockwise in mandarin encapsulating the timeless nature of our watches. The most expensive currency in life is time. Live in the moment and seize the day. Join the nishi movement. Make your seconds count!

Founder, Brendon Koh is currently a Year 4 student from SMU School of Information Systems. 



Paintedblossom is an online Carousell store. Having started 3 years ago, Shi Yi uses this platform to share her passion for art, focusing on watercolor paintings and modern calligraphy to create these wonderful handmade art pieces.

Leveraging on the feeling of joy and reminiscence, Paintedblossom sells a variety of products from handcrafted cards, stickers and notebooks that are suitable for birthdays and anniversaries. Shi Yi gives each piece a unique twist to cater to her customers’ preference. She looks forward to delighting her customers with her lovely creations.

Founder, Leow Shi Yi is currently a year 2 student from SMU School of Business.


Red Dot Crafts

Can’t seem to find the perfect bag or pencil case for the new semester? That was Yi Ting’s problem too. Currently a final year SMU undergraduate, she started off making her own bags with her mother – bags that had the exact look and functionality she desired.

The mother-daughter duo has since expanded with an exclusive range of products that includes laptop sleeves, pencil cases, passport holders and various pouches. With fully customizable products from design to function, you’ll be sure to find something you love at Red Dot Crafts. 



Starwallz is started by an enthusiastic dad and his kids; his son a naggy art critique and his daughter the creative consultant! Together, they love to bring the STARS onto your WALLZ!

Call it a hobby, interest, or passion, they find joy in brightening up walls and sharing their talent with everyone. Their products include amazing pop art poster frames with designs ranging from motivational quotes, sports, and superheroes to music stars and other crazy themes.

Join them on their mystical, magical, colorful ride & you’ll be sure to find something amazing! 


The Happy Candle

The name ‘happy candle’ was inspired by both Dian and her twin sister’s names as Dian has always considered her twin her role model and inspiration. ‘Dian’ means ‘candle’ in Malay, while her twin’s name, Amira, means ‘happiness’ in Arabic.

The Happy Candle began its business in 2016, raising funds for community service projects in Singapore Management University. From there, they slowly grew their business on the online platform, Carousell. Featuring a unique blend of light, joy and creativity, all products are created with original brush lettering, watercolor and digital illustrations. Akin to ‘candles’ and happiness, the designs truly aim to bring positivity and illumination to all through self-motivation, or a meaningful connection between people.

Dian is currently a Year 3 student from SMU School of Social Sciences majoring in Psychology and a second major in Corporate Communications. 


Trinket Cove

Trinket Cove is a homegrown jewelry brand that creates classic and timeless jewelry pieces catered for every occasion. Handcrafted with quality materials and gemstones, each piece is intricately designed to be versatile and elegant, classic pieces that would outlive the temporal fads in the fashion world. Utilizing natural gemstones and other interesting materials such as unpolished stones, ropes and tassels, each Trinket Cove piece is unique and produced in limited quantities. Since its humble blogshop beginnings in 2005, founder Zhi Xin has since gone on to pursue GIA diamond grading and Applied Jewelry Professional qualifications.

Graduating from SMU Schools of Economics and Business in 2011, Zhi Xin began a banking career before moving to a Business Development role in a startup that aims to bridge the gap between the diamond industry and financial investors. 


Last updated on 13 Jan 2018.