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Amaze with your superhuman abilities! 

Be your favorite superhero.
Save the day. Play and support 8 social causes.

Carnival Games

Captain America


Hydra is wreaking havoc again. Sling your shield into the maws of the 9-Headed Serpent to stop their evil plans!

Fight it out at T-Junction.



You are the sharpshooter supreme. Take out these villains to save the day! Ready, steady, aim!

Take down the villains at Campus Green.



Deadpool thinks he’s better. But you know you’re the best. Prove it by throwing a bullseye for the highest score ever!

Put your skills to the test at Campus Green.

Jean Grey

Mind Over Matter!

Galactus is about to consume the world! Use the power of the Phoenix to send telekinetic bolts to seal off his appetite. Hurry!

Power up at T-Junction.

Mr. Fantastic


Dr. Doom strikes again! Stretch your flexibility, speed, and endurance by rescuing his hostages as fast as possible.

Rescue the civilians at Campus Green.



A bank has been broken into! Use your weather powers to call up a storm to retrieve the cash. It’s raining MONEY!

Save the day at Campus Green.



The Brotherhood of Mutants has been up to no good and you, the X-Men must stop them! Team up with your friends and use your special abilities in this epic battle of the superhumans!

The battle begins at T-Junction.


Last updated on 24 Jan 2018.