SMU Engage

Welcome to SMU Engage – a different kind of corporate newsletter. We want to let you know how members of our SMU community – students, faculty, staff, alumni, management, partners and stakeholders are doing in their respective fields of endeavour, and how they are contributing, influencing and yes, engaging the world we are living in.

SMU Engage has a design that reflects the SMU personality – bold, modern, dynamic and stylish. It is filled with stories that keep you updated on the latest happenings and developments at SMU. For an easy read, we have organised the stories into three distinct sections: Zest, Academia and Connections.

Zest – showcases stories of our students as they journey through a transformative learning experience.

Academia – highlights contributions of our faculty towards developing high-quality education, creating impactful research and building strong industry ties.

Connections – features our collaboration with global leaders and university partners, and contributions for the betterment of our students, as well as for education, society, the industry and the global community.

We hope that with it's vibrant look and lively prose style it will provide you, our readers, with an engaging reading experience.


Last updated on 31 May 2017.