President's Welcome

In a short span of time, the SMU team has built a highly focused and successful university that delivers excellence in research and education aligned with business needs. SMU's vision and mission have been clearly defined, and the University has received generous support from the Singapore government, corporate and philanthropic community. Based on the quality of our graduates and our commitment to market-driven research, SMU is confident to be one of the best universities in Asia and the world.

SMU is distinctive for its clear commitment to a liberal, broad-based education. We have learnt extensively from world-class institutions, including the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, which we were modelled upon. SMU has since built its own strong foundation and developed our distinctive model of education. The new challenge for SMU is to develop leadership and become a leader in the academic world.
Being young and not burdened by legacy, we have the opportunity at SMU to build and enhance interdisciplinary research and education. This is almost revolutionary in the university world. SMU has shown outstanding capability in teaching and will develop the rigour of our research and the application of it in the community. Situated in Singapore, in the heart of one of the most rapidly and dynamically changing regions on earth, SMU is uniquely well-positioned to be the university that integrates all the necessary elements that can help the business community. As our research effort centres on the core interdisciplinary themes relevant to Asia, we are in the ideal position to enrich the world with ideas.
Character-building is integral to the SMU education. We constantly emphasise community volunteerism to our students. This way, we are inculcating the value of giving back to society so that SMU graduates will carry the values of corporate social responsibility through into the corporate world. We also bear the responsibility to translate the results of our research to serve even more businesses, governments and non-profit organisations in the region.
In the face of an ever-changing environment, our sense of identity is a valuable asset. Since the beginning, we have been associated with a personality distinctive from the rest in the education sector. I welcome you to experience for yourselves the unique SMU experience as we move forward to continue the history making of SMU for the next decade.
Professor Arnoud De Meyer
Singapore Management University

Last updated on 10 Feb 2017.