Message From The Provost

SMU was established in 2000 and very quickly blazed a different trail from Singapore’s other universities. From the very beginning, it has been deeply committed to developing well-rounded young men and women, who are confident, communicative, self-aware, and capable of being trusted leaders and responsible global citizens.

Today, SMU remains of the firm conviction that a broad-based curriculum, coupled with depth in one or two areas of study, delivered through interactive learning, experiential learning and technology-enhanced pedagogies, prepares our students well for the world beyond the university. Further, their rigorous studies are complemented by an unparalleled co-curriculum – involving global exposure, community service and internship – with learning frameworks to help them discover themselves as individuals, as individuals in a team, and in the community and the wider world.

Since its inception, SMU has fostered strong linkages with business and industry, delivering relevant and impactful research, and exposing students to real world learning. It is also continuously expanding its international network, by forging new and closer links with partners all over the world.

As society and economy transform, and individuals face a world in which they are unlikely to have a career for life, but a life of careers, the University is committed to life-long learning, delivering a wide range of first-rate programmes, from certificate courses and graduate diplomas to Masters degrees and doctorates.

As an institution, SMU is committed to driving the various initiatives that will contribute towards realising SMU Vision 2025. It is with this common sense of purpose that we will be able to create in SMU a wonderful learning environment for our students, provide an intellectually invigorating experience for faculty, offer to all our staff meaningful and purposeful days at work, and nurture a lifetime relationship with our alumni. 

Professor Lily Kong
Singapore Management University


Last updated on 9 Mar 2017.