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Student Activities

Enrich your SMU experience by connecting, interacting and exchanging ideas with other students across our postgraduate programmes.

Our international students visit the photo-taking booth during the SMU National Day Observance Ceremony.

A number of social, sporting, recreational and career-related events and activities are organised by the postgraduate office and students, career services office and various SMU student clubs for Masters students throughout the year.

You will have many opportunities to pursue your interests and hone your networking skills, while connecting with and exchanging ideas with students from other programmes. Organised in two of the weeks during the academic year, the exclusive Postgraduate (PG) Open Week will also bring forth a myriad of enriching and experiential activities for students to immense in and expand their horizons, while taking a break away from the rigours of studies.

Students from the Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) class volunteer at local charity Willing Hearts. Read more about their day.

Last updated on 29 Aug 2016.