Why high-flying Singapore is scrapping grades

8 Mar 2017

In a commentary, SMU Academy for Continuing Education Executive Director Dr Lim Lai Cheng highlighted that Singapore is in top place in the international rankings for education. But it wants the next upgrade of the school system to focus on keeping students positive and resilient, as well as high achievement in academic results. Explaining the push for character as well as qualifications, she emphasised that the next update of the education system will have to ensure that Singapore can create a more equitable society, build a stronger social compact among its people while at the same time develop capabilities for the new digital economy. She pointed out that government policies are moving away from parents and students' unhealthy obsession with grades and entry to top schools, adding that there have also been calls for more flexibility over admissions to local top schools and universities to encompass selection based on character traits such as drive, resilience and passion.

Last updated on 10 Mar 2017.

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