Speechify translation app by SIS Students wins 6th code::XtremeApps competition

21 Sep 2012

Team Terabytes, which comprises SMU School of Information Systems students Jeremy Zhou, Henry Tang and Lee Xiang Rui, has emerged as the winner of the 6th code::XtremeApps competition under the open category with their translation application Speechify. This year’s challenge was to develop innovative applications that would impact the Silver Generation positively. Lee Xiang Rui commented that they were inspired to create the application after noticing the communication barrier between the elderly and their domestic helpers. The team also expressed their gratitude for the guidance of Senior Lecturer of Information Systems Lee Yeow Leong.

Source Link: http://www.smu.edu.sg/sites/default/files/smu/news_room/smu_in_the_news/2012/sources/Lianhe%20Wanbao_20120919_1.pdf

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