Embark on the adventure of your lifetime and discover SMU and the New Asia!

With SMU, you are in a learning environment where fresh thinking and innovation and highly valued and encouraged. SMU provides an interactive and participative experience - one that is current, relevant and cutting-edge. Besides a top-class curriculum and an excellent faculty, SMU embraces a culture of versatility and creativity. At our state-of-the-art city campus, students enjoy world-class e-learning facilities and amenities.

Expect a revolutionary time at SMU – one that stretches your intellectual abilities and offers extraordinary possibilities. Fast forward your dream and live the SMU experience!

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"Interdisciplinary and multicultural perspectives are central to learning at SMU. Our community of students, staff and faculty are drawn from some 50 countries across six continents, representing a breadth of talents, identities and cultures."

Professor Arnoud De Meyer
President, SMU