We believe that everyone at SMU should be empowered to participate meaningfully on campus, regardless of the challenges posed by physical, sensory, learning, mental, and/or health issues.

SMU offers a range of services for students, staff and faculty with disabilities. It is not mandatory for anyone to disclose their disabilities to the university. However, disclosure will enable the university to facilitate the provision of essential services to ensure that individuals with disabilities have access to all that our campus has to offer.

Accommodations and support services for students:

  • Modified assessments or examinations
  • Access to digital or modified course materials
  • Facilitated library services
  • Access to note-takers or sign language interpreters
  • Classroom support from instructors
  • Permission to audio-record seminars and workshops
  • Access to personal assistants and mentors
  • Access to Assistive Technology and technology support services
  • Personalised campus orientation
  • Invitations to career networking events with equal opportunity employers
  • Internship and employment support
  • Support for global student programmes, including buddy support and overseas contact points
  • Application support for inclusive scholarships, financial aids and awards
  • Access to on-site medical and counselling support services
  • Access to disabled-friendly parking lots
  • Special access to glade – a shared accessibility space for rest and recovery

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Accommodations and support services for staff and faculty:

  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Facilitated library services
  • Personalised campus orientation
  • Physical workspace configuration and provisions
  • Access to disabled-friendly parking lots
  • Access to Assistive Technology and technology support services
  • Access to external medical and mental health support services

Accommodations for visitors to the university:

  • Personalised campus tours:
  • Access to disabled-friendly campus facilities, where appropriate