Conference Day 2

Day 2 of Social iCon will focus on practitioner-centric issues, to help build a community of practice around social innovation labs.


Time Event
8.30am (500) Days of Labs: Social innovation labs are in their summer season, with new labs emerging each month around the globe. But beyond being shooting stars in the social space, what does the real day-to-day life of a lab practitioner look like? Armed with artefacts, calendars and prototypes, we encourage practitioners to learn from the best teachers - each other.
10.15am Networking Teabreak
11am Change the Change Lab: Philip, Sarah & Chris provide provocative ideas and facilitate discussion on how social innovation labs as they stand, can be dramatically different. Drawing lessons from change labs in the public and people sectors across the world, they share (and invite) insights about how we can iterate our iteration processes.
Public Sector Labs Systems Change
Philip Colligan, Executive Director,
NESTA Innovation Lab, London
  Sarah Schulman, Founder,
In With Forward, 
Chris Sigaloff, Chair,
Kennisland, Amsterdam
12.30pm Networking Lunch      
2pm World Cafe: Using smaller group conversations, this session aims to glean insights around the core operational issues facing SI Labs: Business models, Human resourcing, Methodology, Governance, and Impact Measurement. 
Carol Candler,
Senior Project Advisor (SMU Change Lab), Lien Centre for Social Innovation, Singapore
3.30pm Networking Teabreak      
4.15pm Failure Wake: Failure is the fertile soil from which new possibilities emerge. Yet talking about failure is really tough. This is an opportunity to acknowledge mistakes, celebrate risk-taking, and create a shared experience of what it takes to be a little bit audacious.
Mariko Takeuchi, Director,
inCompass Human-Centered Innovation Lab, Phnom Penh
Pranav Sarin, Lead, DirtiLab
Center for Knowledge Societies, New Delhi
Bernise Ang, Co-founder,
Zeroth Labs, Singapore
Shaun Koh, Co-founder,
Zeroth Labs, Singapore
5.30pm LabSwap: If you had a brick that another lab builder needed, how would you trade it? This session aims to broker connections, and link practitioners with their peers who have the expertise or experience that they specifically need. Collaborative projects, asset sharing, critical reflection and knowledge management are all on the table in this session. 
Louise Pulford, Director,
Social Innovation Exchange, London
Jared Tham, Manager, Research & Programmes,
Lien Centre for Social Innovation, Singapore
6.30pm End