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Career Preparation Training & Workshops

Finishing Touch Programme

As of Academic Year 2012/2013, all freshman students are required to complete two workshops in career planning and self-discovery, before proceeding to five mandatory career skills workshops in their second year.

These workshops cover the following areas – i) Job search strategies; ii) Résumé and cover letter writing; iii) Social etiquette and grooming for success; iv) Personal branding and networking skills; and v) Interviewing skills.

All seven workshops are part of SMU’s distinctive “Finishing Touch” career preparation programme introduced in 2001 and regularly revamped to keep abreast of employment trends, career assessment practices, career coaching techniques and the changing needs of students and recruiters. Successful completion of all seven workshops is a requirement for graduation.

Year One Compulsory FT Workshops

FTW 101

Self-Discovery and Awareness

FTW 102

Career Planning

Note: FTW101 and FTW 102 are pre-requisites for enrolment into Year Two FT Workshops.

Year Two Compulsory FT Workshops (a series of five consecutive workshops)

FTW 201

Job Search Strategies

FTW 202

Résumé and Cover Letter writing

FTW 203

Social Etiquette and Groom for Success

FTW 204

Personal Branding and Networking Skills

FTW 205

Interviewing Skills

Year Three/ Four Optional FT Workshops

FTW 301

Advanced Résumé and Cover Letter Writing

FTW 302

Advanced Interviewing Skills

FTW 303

Mastering Case Interviews

FTW 304

Acing Assessment Centre

Enrichment Workshops

In addition to the Finishing Touch Programme, DKHMCC offers complementary enrichment workshops to make you ready for the corporate world.  Workshop topics include “Navigating Your Career Services”, “Fine Dining Etiquette”, “Wine Appreciation” and skill-based workshops to help you navigate the corporate world effectively.

Last updated on 17 Nov 2016.