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Request For Disability Support

Students with disabilities can apply for disability services as follows:

Step 1: Request 

Students must formally request for disability support and accommodations in a timely manner.

Write to Eugene Ng at or with the following information:

  • SMU email address
  • Contact number (and a convenient time to call)
  • Your condition and the assistance required 

You will receive a reply within five working days. 


Step 2: Interview

If your request is valid, you will be invited to an interview. You will also be asked to submit documents that explain your disability. We will review these documents with the following conditions in mind:

  • Original copies are provided
  • The documents originate from registered and licensed practitioners 
  • Documents state and explain the diagnosis 
  • Documents date back no more than five years

  • Documents are presented in English, or supplemented with an English translation

  • Documents identify doctors and specialists involved, as well as the clinic / institution’s contact information 

Documents that explain disability accommodations at former education institutions should be submitted. Note that General Practitioner (GP) letters are generally not accepted. 


Step 3: Accommodation 

Disability accommodations are presented in the form of a letter. This letter is personalised, and will outline provisions and responsibilities that are specific to the individual. 


Step 4: Discussion

Share and discuss the letter with instructors, schools and administrators. 


Last updated on 23 Mar 2018.