We accept applications from all full-time SMU undergraduates (both freshman and senior undergraduates included) and all other students (Exchange, PhD or Masters) who have accepted the offer to study full time at SMU.

The allocation of rooms is at the discretion of the University and subject to the disposition and needs of applicants. Allocations will result in students of various age and cultural backgrounds being accommodated together in shared units, a reflection of SMU’s diverse student population. 

Changing of rooms will not be allowed.

Students who are interested to stay in yo:HA Hostel @ Pearl's Hill  for AY2017/18 can fill in and submit the application (e-Form) via the following links: (click at one of the following options)

* Do note that all applications for rooms have to be done through SMU directly in order to be valid. If you apply through yo:HA hostel@pearl's hill (external landlord) website, you will not be considered for any contract terms that we have negotiated as a group jointly under SMU. If in doubt please contact us at before you make any booking.

* You may wish to note that the two-bedroom apartment quad-sharing mentioned in yo:HA hostel@pearl's hill (external landlord) website means 4 persons to a room (on double deck/bunk beds) making it a total of 8 persons per apartment. SMU's two-bedroom apartment quad-sharing operates differently - it's two persons sharing one room (on 2 seperate beds) making it a total of maximum 4 persons per apartment.


All students are advised to submit their e-application from 20 October 2017 (10am Singapore time). Applications will be processed on a first-come-first-serve basis and will close once all the rooms are taken up, even before the deadline. Any applications received before the application start date and time would not be considered, so students are advised to adhere strictly to the timing.

If you apply before the start date stated above, your first application will be invalid and you will need to apply again.  

Any applications received after the application deadline will be considered, provided only if there are still vacant beds available.

You would be hearing from us regarding the offer of room through email if you are successful. Unsuccessful applicants will be placed on a waiting list and any allocations will be given based on any withdrawal or cancellation. Successful applicants are able to move in from 1 August 2017. Early check-in is chargeable and is subject to room availability. A two-week advance notice is required for processing, you must email us to inform of your intention for early check-in.

You will need to pay a one month advance accommodation fee to secure your early check-in booking, of which would be used to offset charges for your early check-in stay, bank charges and currency exchange rate differences. The balance if any, would then be refunded to you after you have check-out.  


Note to All Applicants

  • Submission of this application does not guarantee an offer of accommodation.
  • Successful applicants will be informed of their application results and room allocations via email. 
  • The mode of payment is via Telegraphic/Bank Transfer only. A copy of the completed transaction slip or email notification from the bank for the payment made shall be returned to by the date stated in the Letter of Offer, in order for your bed to be reserved successfully. 

Successful applicants are required to pay the entire accommodation fees including utilities for the period of stay upfront when they receive the letter of offers for their stay. We would only be able to confirm your accommodation upon receipt of full payment.

Payments for accommodation fees can be made by:

1. Cheque made payable to “Singapore Management University” and submitted personally to the Office of Finance at Level 12 Administration Building; or
2. NETs or Credit/Debit Card in person at the Office of Finance; or
3. Online Credit/Debit Card Payment via Student Self-Service Page.

Office of Finance's operating hours are from Tuesdays to Thursday 11.00am to 2.00pm excluding public holidays.


  • A two-week advance notice to SMU Hostel Office via email is required for early check-in and it is chargeable and subjected to room availability and payment of the month advance accommodation fee stated above.
  • As the apartments are owned by EM Services Pte Ltd, successful applicants must make a separate payment of S$85.60 Administrative Fee to the site administration staff of EM Services Pte Ltd during check-in at yo:Ha Hostel @ Pearl's Hill.  
  • Successful applicant is expected to remain in residence for the time specified in the agreement once an allocation of the accommodation has been assigned to and accepted by him/her. No pre-termination of stay is allowed except for unforeseen circumstances such as withdrawal of course from SMU-
  • Unsuccessful applicants will be informed of their application status and placed on the waiting list. However, being placed on the waiting list does not guarantee an offer of accommodation.

Last updated on 17 Oct 2017.