Campus Green


SMU is the only City Campus in Singapore and among very few in the world. It is in the heart of Singapore’s civic district. It provides a natural focal point and central gathering space for students, faculty as well as the public. There is a need to enliven the Campus through creative design and implementation of environmental features and activity-generating facilities to transform the SMU City Campus into a modern bustling central space for communal activity. And thus enhancement of Campus Green project through innovation, to create new spaces for SMU’s evolving teaching, learning & CCA needs took place with following goals and objectives:

  • Activate and create buzz on Campus Green using new design to promote and facilitate more outdoor activities for SMU community and public
  • Transform existing spaces into new trends of Teaching and Learning
  • Energize fitness and health spaces 

The project was initially planned to be completed in 34 months. But after careful review of the functions of the facilities and through continuous effort on revising construction planning, the project is shortened to 20 months. This 20 months construction period is again divided in three phases to minimize impact on existing users who are using the facilities. After the project completed there will be addition in capacity of various facilities.

Last updated on 24 Dec 2015.