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SMU State of the University Address 2017

As we look forward to 2018 with confidence and forge ahead to scale new heights of excellence, we must remain anchored on the motivation that undergirds what we do at SMU: it is to make a difference by Creating Positive Change and Making Meaningful Impact, be it through our cutting-edge research, transformative education or contributions as a dynamic city university. That would be a hallmark of a great university.


In a short span of time, the SMU team has built a highly focused and successful university that delivers excellence in research and education aligned with business needs. SMU's vision and mission have been clearly defined, and the University has received generous support from the Singapore government, corporate and philanthropic community. Based on the quality of our graduates and our commitment to market-driven research, SMU is confident to be one of the best universities in Asia and the world.

SMU is distinctive for its clear commitment to a liberal, broad-based education. We have learnt extensively from world-class institutions, including the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, which we were modelled upon. SMU has since built its own strong foundation and developed our distinctive model of education. The new challenge for SMU is to develop leadership and become a leader in the academic world.

Being young and not burdened by legacy, we have the opportunity at SMU to build and enhance interdisciplinary research and education. This is almost revolutionary in the university world. SMU has shown outstanding capability in teaching and will develop the rigour of our research and the application of it in the community. Situated in Singapore, in the heart of one of the most rapidly and dynamically changing regions on earth, SMU is uniquely well-positioned to be the university that integrates all the necessary elements that can help the business community. As our research effort centres on the core interdisciplinary themes relevant to Asia, we are in the ideal position to enrich the world with ideas.

Character-building is integral to the SMU education. We constantly emphasise community volunteerism to our students. This way, we are inculcating the value of giving back to society so that SMU graduates will carry the values of corporate social responsibility through into the corporate world. We also bear the responsibility to translate the results of our research to serve even more businesses, governments and non-profit organisations in the region.

In the face of an ever-changing environment, our sense of identity is a valuable asset. Since the beginning, we have been associated with a personality distinctive from the rest in the education sector. I welcome you to experience for yourselves the unique SMU experience as we move forward to continue the history making of SMU for the next decade.

Professor Arnoud De Meyer
Singapore Management University

SMU was established in 2000 and very quickly blazed a different trail from Singapore’s other universities. From the very beginning, it has been deeply committed to developing well-rounded young men and women, who are confident, communicative, self-aware, and capable of being trusted leaders and responsible global citizens.

Today, SMU remains of the firm conviction that a broad-based curriculum, coupled with depth in one or two areas of study, delivered through interactive learning, experiential learning and technology-enhanced pedagogies, prepares our students well for the world beyond the university. Further, their rigorous studies are complemented by an unparalleled co-curriculum – involving global exposure, community service and internship – with learning frameworks to help them discover themselves as individuals, as individuals in a team, and in the community and the wider world.

Since its inception, SMU has fostered strong linkages with business and industry, delivering relevant and impactful research, and exposing students to real world learning. It is also continuously expanding its international network, by forging new and closer links with partners all over the world.

As society and economy transform, and individuals face a world in which they are unlikely to have a career for life, but a life of careers, the University is committed to life-long learning, delivering a wide range of first-rate programmes, from certificate courses and graduate diplomas to Masters degrees and doctorates.

As an institution, SMU is committed to driving the various initiatives that will contribute towards realising SMU Vision 2025. It is with this common sense of purpose that we will be able to create in SMU a wonderful learning environment for our students, provide an intellectually invigorating experience for faculty, offer to all our staff meaningful and purposeful days at work, and nurture a lifetime relationship with our alumni. 

Professor Lily Kong
Singapore Management University

AAC Academic Affairs Committee* CDAC Campus Development Advisory Committee*
AC Audit Committee EB Enterprise Board*
IC Investment Committee CIA Committee for Institutional Advancement
FinRem Finance and Remuneration Committee    
Chairperson Member


Name of Trustees AAC AC IC FinRem CDAC EB CIA
Mr Ho Kwon Ping              
Mr Zulkifli Bin Baharudin        
Mr Paul Beh          
Mr Timothy Chia            
Ms Chua Sock Koong              
Dr Kenneth Courtis              
Dato' Kho Hui Meng            
Mr Lai Chung Han            
BG Hugh Lim          
Mr Olivier Lim            
Mr Edmund Lin          
Professor Ivy Ng            
Ms Juthika Ramanathan            
Mr Dilhan Pillay Sandrasegara          
Mr Panote Sirivadhanabhakdi              
Ms Tan Su Shan            
Sir Nigel John Thrift            
Mr Sunny Verghese            
Mr Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala              




* AAC Committee comprises of Non-Trustee Members as well. (Prof Bryce Hool & Prof Gerry George)

* CDAC Committee inlcudes SMU President as Ex-Officio Member.

* Enterprise Board comprises of Non-Trustee Members as well. (Mr Ng Kai Wa, Dr Gary Kunis, Professor Arnoud De Meyer, Professor Tan Chin Tiong & Professor Gerry George)


Sir Nigel Thrift (Chairman)
Professor Ivy Ng


Professor Bryce Hool
Professor Gerry George


Mr Edmund Lin (Chairman)
BG Hugh Lim
Ms Juthika Ramanathan


Mr Paul Beh (Chairman)
Mr Zulkifli Bin Baharudin
Mr Lai Chung Han
Mr Edmund Lin
Mr Dilhan Pillay Sandrasegara
Mr Sunny Verghese


Mr Ho Kwon Ping


Mr Olivier Lim (Chairman)
Mr Zulkifli Bin Baharudin
Mr Dilhan Pillay Sandrasegara
Ms Tan Su Shan


Dr Kenneth S. Courtis 
Ms Madeleine Lee 
Mr Kishore Moorjani


Mr Zulkifli Bin Baharudin (Chairman)


Professor Arnoud De Meyer
Professor Tan Chin Tiong
Professor Gerry George
Dr Gary Kunis
Mr Ng Kai Wa


BG Hugh Lim (Chairman)
Mr Paul Beh


President, SMU


Mr Timothy Chia (Chairman)
Dato' Kho Hui Meng

The SMU International Advisory Council is a new initiative SMU has created with the plan to establish, strengthen and deepen SMU’s collaboration and engagement with the government, academic and business communities in the key Southeast Asian countries and China/HK.

It seeks to collaborate with and involve friends of SMU and its alumni to reach out to corporates and grow the friends of the SMU community in overseas countries. The Council will provide platforms for active engagement between SMU’s overseas alumni, international students, and the local business community and academia.

The aim to showcase SMU’s thought leadership, provide opportunities for regional impact and create international relevance for SMU and its stakeholders. 

Contact information

For feedback/enquiries, email or contact the IAC Secretariat:

Ms. Tan Siang Peng
Senior Associate Director, Office of Advancement

Mr. Jared Tham
Assistant Director, Office of Advancement

SMU International Advisory Council members (* denotes SMU alumni)

  1. Mr. Serge Pun, Chairman, Serge Pun & Associates (Myanmar) Ltd (Chair) 
  2. Mr. Jonathan Myo Kyaw Thaung, Group CEO of KT Group
  3. Ms. Nang Lang Kham, Executive Director, KBZ Bank
  4. Ms. Mei Mei Chua*, Managing Director, United Beauty Palace Myanmar (BBM, Class of 2007)
  5. Ms. Kyi Kyi Win*, Director of Diamond Great Wall Trading Co Ltd (BBM, Class of 2011)
  6. Mr. Ronald Lee*, Project Director of City Mart Holdings (BBM, Class of 2010)
  7. Mr. Naing Ye Lin*, President, SMU Myanmar Alumni Chapter (BBM, Class of 2013)

  1. Mr. Jaime Augusto Zóbel de Ayala, Chairman and CEO, Ayala Corporation (Chair)
  2. Mr. Jose L. Cuisia Jr., Chairman, The Covenant Car Company Inc.
  3. Mrs. Josephine Gotianun-Yap, President and CEO, Filinvest Development Corp
  4. Mr. Manuel R. Guillermo, Retired CEO of KSearch Asia Consulting, Inc.; Retired Partner of Andersen Consulting (Accenture) and SGV & Co.
  5. Mr. Richard L. Lee, Chairman Emeritus, The Covenant Car Company Inc., Hyundai Asia Resources and Scandinavian Motors
  6. Mr. Cesar V. Purisima, Former Secretary of Finance, Republic of the Philippines
  7. Mr. Ramon B. Segismundo, Senior Vice President, Meralco
  8. Mr. Jimmy Thai, CEO, Primer Group
  9. Mr. Kevin Robertson Tang*, President, SMU Alumni Chapter in the Philippines (BBM, Class of 2009)

  1. Mr. Don Lam, CEO and Co-founder, VinaCapital (Chair)
  2. Mr. Zulkifli Bin Baharudin, Executive Chairman, Indo-Trans Corporation
  3. Dr. Duong Nhu Hung, Head of Finance Department, School of Industrial Management, HCMC University of Technology (a member of Vietnam National University)
  4. Mrs. Le Mai Lan, Vice Chairwoman, Vingroup
  5. Mr. Phua Koon Kee, CEO and Co-founder, Acquarius Vietnam
  6. Mr. Arthur Tay, Chairman and CEO, SUTL Enterprise Ltd
  7. Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh, Founder and CEO, TalentNet Corporation
  8. Mr. Kien Phuoc Nguyen Tan*, Managing Director, The 360 Creative Group (MBA, Class of 2016)

  1. Dr. Victor Fung, Group Chairman, Fung Group (Chair)
  2. Dr. Justin Chiu, Executive Director, CK Asset Holdings Limited
  3. Mr. Kuok Khoon Ean, Chairman, Kuok (Singapore) Ltd
  4. Mr. Lee Kang Ho, Chief Representative, Shing Kwan Group
  5. Mr. Li Rongrong, Vice Chairman, China Centre for International Economic Exchanges; and Former Chairman, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, People’s Republic of China
  6. Mr. David Su, Founding Managing Partner, Matrix Partners China
  7. Mr. Michael Zhu, Chairman, Sunjoy Group Holdings Pte Ltd
  8. Mr. Jeff Tung*, Chairman & Executive Director, Sheng Ye Capital Ltd (BBM, Class of 2013)
  9. Mr Terence Chong Meng Hwee*, Supply Chain Development Associate, Global Leadership Development Programme for Global Operations, Nike Sports (China) and President, SMU Alumni Chapter in Shanghai (BSc (Econs), Class of 2008)
  10. Mr. Nicholas Chui*, Investment Manager, Aberdeen International Fund Managers Ltd and President, SMU Alumni Chapter in Hong Kong (BAcc, Class of 2009)
  11. Mr. Eason Liu Yudong*, Partner, N5 Capital and President, SMU Alumni Chapter in Beijing (MSc in Applied Finance, Class of 2010)

  1. Khun Chartsiri Sophonpanich, President and Director, Bangkok Bank PCL (Chair)
  2. Mr. Timothy Chia, Chairman, Hup Soon Global Corporation Limited
  3. Mr. William Heinecke, Chairman, Minor International PCL
  4. Mr. Ho Ren Hua, CEO, Thai Wah PCL
  5. Mr. Aloke (Anil) Lohia, Group Chief Executive Officer, Indorama Ventures PCL
  6. Mr. Kirit Shah, Chairman, G.P. Group of Companies
  7. Khunying Jada Wattanasiritham, Independent Director, The Siam Commercial Bank PCL
  8. Mr. Satta Chairasmisak* (JD, Class of 2017)
  9. Ms. Jittida Haputpong* (BSc (Econ), Class of 2011), Head of Partnerships, Igloohome

  1. Dato’ Sri Prof. Dr. (H.C.) Tahir, MBA, Founder and Chairman, Mayapada Group (Chair)
  2. Mr. Haryanto Adikoesoemo, President Director, PT. AKR Corporindo Tbk
  3. Mr. Hendro Santoso Gondokusumo, Founder/President Director/CEO, Intiland Corp
  4. Mr. Theodore Permadi Rachmat, Founder and President Director, Triputra Group
  5. Mr. Peter Sondakh, Founder, Chairman & CEO, PT Rajawali Corporation
  6. Mr. Gita Wirjawan, Founder, Ancora Group
  7. Ms. Lim Kexin*, Tax Director, PwC Singapore (BAcc, Class of 2005 and Chair of the School of Accountancy Alumni Advisory Board)
  8. Mr. Gulshan Harjani*, Founder & CEO, Communicating World (BBM, Class of 2005 and President of SMU Alumni Chapter in Indonesia)

Past IAC activities

Upcoming events

Singapore, 16-17 August 2018
SMU International Advisory Council Asia Summit

Ho Chi Minh, 18 Oct 2018
SMU Industry Leaders Dialogue

Manila, 8 Nov 2018
SMU Industry Leaders Dialogue



Patron, Chancellor, and Members


President Halimah Yacob


Mr J Y Pillay


Mr Lim Chee Onn


The Members of SMU are key stakeholders of SMU and play an important role in the overall governance structure of SMU. As is consistent with the importance attached to this position, the SMU's Constitution and the Singapore Management University Act expressly provide that the appointment of Members in SMU requires the approval of the Minister for Education.

The role of the Members is expressly stated in SMU's Constitution to be as follows - "Every member shall be bound to further, to the best of his ability, the objects, interests, and influence of the Company and shall observe all regulations, policies and procedures of the Company made by the Board of Trustees for the regulation and management of the affairs of the Company." - and it is important to note that the Members' participation is also a pre-requisite for all annual general meetings and extraordinary general meetings held by SMU. In addition, the approval of the Members is also required for any changes to SMU's Constitution.

Members of SMU: Mr Ho Kwon Ping, Dr. Lee Seng Tee, Mr J Y Pillay

Annual Report

Read all about a year of progress and success at SMU. For the Academic Year 2016/17, the concise review is divided into four sections covering student life, academia, thought leadership and the SMU community. Browse through the new flipbook format or download a PDF to read offline.

Download Annual report for 2016/2017