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Kenneth S. Courtis

Dr Kenneth S. Courtis

Starfort Investment Holdings

Kenneth S. Courtis is  Chairman of Starfort Investment Holdings, which has interests in financial advisory, funds management, private equity, and commodities trading.  Dr. Courtis is or has been a member of the boards and advisory councils of a number of leading international firms, including Capitaland, Emerson, Daimler, McKinsey, Noble Group, Banco BTGPactual, China National Off Shore Oil Corporation, and of private equity firms GEMS and NM Strategic.

He was formerly Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, and Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs, where he advised on large corporate transactions, government financing programs, privatizations, and investments.  Previously, he was Managing Director of Deutsche Bank, and Chief Economist and Investment Strategist, Deutsche Bank Asia.

He is an international councillor of the Asia Society of New York, a director of the Global Policy Institute and of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, a member of the advisory boards of the Schulich School of Business Management and of Glendon College, Toronto, of the Economic Strategy Institute, Washington, and has been a trustee of universities and research institutes in Asia, Europe and North America.

Kenneth Courtis is one of the world's leading investment bankers, investment advisers, and analysts of Asian economies and business in Asia. He has led a number of large, international corporate transactions centred on Asia, and pioneered in several investment banking areas across the Asia, such as leading the successful opening and establishment of the Singapore Reit market, the ground-breaking natural gaz transactions between China and Australia, the restructuring of Japanese financial institutions, the restructuring and listing as public companies of major Chinese firms, including  PetroChina and the Bank of China, privatizations, major investments and acquisitions in the telecom, energy, transportation, and financial sectors.

Widely sought after by the heads of major corporations, and investors for his knowledge of how global market forces, finance, politics, and corporate strategy interact, Kenneth Courtis advises clients in the Asia–Pacific region, as well as in Europe, North and South America.

He has also worked closely with central banks, ministries of finance, and heads of government.  He has been called upon to advise the heads of governments of countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and North America, including four U.S. Presidents.

Kenneth Courtis has lectured at Keio and Tokyo Universities, Japan's two most prestigious educational institutions,  l’Institut d’etudes politiques, Paris, and at Universities in North America.

Dr. Courtis received an undergraduate degree from Glendon College in Toronto and an M.A. in international relations from Sussex University in the United Kingdom. He earned an M.B.A. at INSEAD (the European Institute of Business Administration), where he was recipient of the Heath Prize, and received a Doctorate with honours and high distinction, from l’Institut d’etudes politiques, Paris.

Kenneth Courtis has lived and worked in Asia for more than two and a half decades.

Last updated on 31 Oct 2017.

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