SMU Education Loan

SMU Education Loan

The SMU Education Loan scheme is aimed at assisting needy undergraduate students in managing their educational finances during their studies.

  • Up to $5,000*

(*The loan is tenable for 1 year only. As such, students must ensure that they have adequate financial resources to see them throughout their studies.)

  • Full-time undergraduate students of any nationality in any degree programmes
  • Monthly gross household per capita (average) income of no more than $2,700 and with evidence of financial difficulties
  • Must have utilized the Tuition Fee Loan, Study Loan and/or CPF Education Loan and/or fee subsidy/loan from a registered government agency or a combination of all the above in fully covering the tuition fee payable
  • Must have taken up the annual living allowance of $3,600 under the Study Loan scheme
  • Must have taken up the SMU Bursary, SMU Financial Grant, MOE Bursary, donated bursary, or any other bursaries offered by external organisations in the year of application
  • Must be between the ages of 21 and 60 years old
  • Must not be an undischarged bankrupt or a student pursuing full-time education
  • Should not have served as a guarantor for more than two outstanding student loans, including this loan
  • Must be a Singapore citizen, for an applicant who is a Singapore citizen
  • Can be either a Singapore citizen or a permanent resident, for an applicant who is a Singapore permanent resident
  • Can be of any nationality, for an applicant who is a non-Singapore citizen
  • Interest-free during course of study
  • Interest is computed upon graduation (average prime rate of 3 local banks in Singapore)
  • Not later than 1 year after graduation or on securing employment, whichever is earlier
  • Lump sum or monthly instalments of $100 (minimum)
  • Maximum repayment period of 3 years
  • Must repay in full if student withdraws

Submit your application via your student portal, OASIS (Self-service App - Financial Aid Application) using your student computer account username and password during the respective application periods:

  • For subsidy commencing Term 1, Academic Year 2017-18: Closed
  • For subsidy commencing Term 2, Academic Year 2017-18: To be advised
  • For subsidy commencing Term 3, Academic Year 2017-18: Not applicable

For enquiries, please contact:

Centre for Student Financial Assistance
Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Assistance
Tel: +65 6828 0264
Fax: +65 6828 0647

Last updated on 30 Aug 2017.