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Mr & Mrs Eu Keng Chee Bursary

About the Bursary

Established in 2015, the Bursary is aimed at assisting the financially needy full-time undergraduates at the Singapore Management University to achieve academic excellence.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Full-time undergraduates enrolled in any degree programme
  • Singapore Citizens
  • Gross monthly household per capita income not exceeding $1,900
  • With good CCA and/or community service involvement

Tenure and Benefits

  • The bursary, valued at $7,500, is tenable for the recipient’s one year of study.
  • The recipient may be considered for the bursary in the subsequent year of study, subject to continued observance of the eligibility criteria.
  • The bursary will go towards funding the recipient's annual tuition fee.
  • The recipient may be in concurrent receipt of another bursary for cash allowance, subject to fulfilment of its eligibility criteria.


Not required

Tuition Grant Scheme

The recipient is required to take advantage of the Tuition Grant Scheme provided by the Singapore Government for subsidised education.


Shortlisting of candidates for consideration will be from the list of applicants applying for SMU-administered bursaries in the year of award.


Centre for Student Financial Assistance
Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Assistance

About the Donor

Dr Eu Oy Chu has endowed the Mr & Mrs Eu Keng Chee Bursary in the name of her late parents, to recognize her appreciation of them.

Dr Eu is a Senior Deputy Director, School Dental Service, Health Promotion Board. She is a co-inventor of Happy Brush that helps school children reduce brushing teeth from 240 strokes to 60 strokes.


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Last updated on 20 Mar 2018.