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Peter Tan PTO Endowed Bursary

About the Bursary

Established in 2014, the Bursary aims to provide financial support to full-time undergraduates from the School of Economics at the Singapore Management University and to motivate them to achieve all-round excellence.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Full-time undergraduates from School of Economics
  • Singapore Citizens
  • Gross monthly per capita household income not exceeding $1,900
  • Priority will be given to students with evidence of financial hardship


Up to ten bursaries will be awarded annually and in perpetuity, ccommencing Academic Year 2014-15.

Tenure and Benefits

  • Each bursary, valued at $6,000, is tenable for one year of study.
  • The bursary will go towards funding the recipients' annual tuition fees.
  • The recipients may be in concurrent receipt of another bursary for cash allowance, subject to fulfilment of its eligibility criteria.


Not required

Tuition Grant Scheme

The recipients are required to take advantage of the Tuition Grant Scheme provided by the Singapore Government for subsidised education.


Shortlisting of candidates for consideration will be from the list of applicants applying for SMU-administered bursaries in the year of award.


Centre for Student Financial Assistance
Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Assistance

About the Donor

The Peter Tan PTO Endowed Bursary is made possible with the generous gift of $1 million by Mr Peter Tan Shou Yi to provide financial assistance to full-time Singaporean undergraduates from the School of Economics, SMU. Mr Tan is the Chairman of Peter Tan Organization, a multiple award-winning super agency of Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd in the Singapore insurance industry for the past ten consecutive years. Besides insurance, Mr Tan also has invested in start-ups, commercial real estate, mobile application and payment system, food & beverage, training & consultancy, artistes management and movie-making, with his first movie “Filial Party” launched on 8th May 2014. Despite his success, Mr Tan has always believed education to be a crucial social enabler. Having grown up in a poor family, he is well aware of the struggles that students from less privileged background face. A man of principle, Mr Tan said, "I believe the act of giving is driven by love and compassion. I share SMU’s vision and mission of grooming students into confident, dynamic and socially conscious young individuals. I trust these bursary recipients will be inspired to contribute back to society.”


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Last updated on 1 Mar 2017.