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Octava Foundation Bursary

Established in 2017, the Octava Foundation Bursary aims to motivate and inspire as well as provide financial assistance to full-time undergraduate students at the Singapore Management University. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Full-time Singaporean undergraduates enrolled in any degree programme and in any year of study.
  • With demonstrated financial needs (gross monthly per capita household income not exceeding $1,900)
  • With demonstrated good leadership skills, active involvement in co-curricular activity and community service commitment.


  • $6,000 (towards annual subsidised tuition fees)
  • Tenable for one year of study
  • May be in concurrent receipt of a bursary for cash allowance, subject to fulfilment of its eligibility criteria

Application Process

Shortlisting of candidates for consideration will be from the list of applicants applying for SMU-administered bursaries in the year of award.


Centre for Student Financial Assistance
Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Assistance

About the Donor

The Octava Foundation Bursary is made possible by Octava Foundation, upholding a mission which is focused on supporting less fortunate children and youth in Singapore to break the cycle of disadvantage by strengthening home, school and societal support. In targeting lower income children and youth who have success within their reach but need to overcome some significant barriers in achieving their life goals, one of our pillars of work involves providing bursaries, scholarships and skill development support for this group. 
To learn more about Octava Foundation and our affiliated Family Office, please visit:
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Last updated on 25 Jan 2018.