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Madam Tan Kwee Huay Bursary

Established in 2017, the Madam Tan Kwee Huay Bursary aims to assist the financially needy as well as to motivate full-time undergraduates from the School of Accountancy at the Singapore Management University to achieve academic excellence.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Full-time undergraduates from the School of Accountancy
  • Singapore citizens
  • Gross monthly household per capita income not exceeding $1,900
  • With demonstrated excellence in areas of student life and strong community spirit through involvement in community service projects.


  • $6,000 (towards subsidised tuition fee)
  • Tenable for one year of study
  • May be in concurrent receipt of a bursary for cash allowance, subject to fuilfilment of its criteria

Application Process

Shortlisting of candidates for consideration will be from the list of applicants applying for SMU-Administered bursaries in the year of award.


Centre for Student Financial Assistance
Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Assistance

About the Donor


The Madam Tan Kwee Huay Bursary was established by her son, Mr Stanley Yap Teck Seng and his wife, Mrs Karen Yap. 
A filial son, Mr Yap deeply empathises with financially needy students as he came from a very poor background where he and his brother were single-handedly raised by their mother, Madam Tan Kwee Huay.  For all that she was poorly educated due to lack of opportunities, Madam Tan is a great advocate of education as a leveler. Throughout his school-going years, Mr Yap vividly recalls financial hardship as the family’s greatest impediment. The lack of resources, however, never once deterred the feisty Madam Tan from ensuring her children’s completing their studies. The ultimate sacrifice was when Madam Tan sold her HDB flat and used the surplus proceeds to pay for Mr Yap’s tertiary education where he read a degree in engineering. After having worked for industry giants such as Hewlett-Packard and Apple Inc., Mr Yap is today, the owner of a successful business which provides electronics technologies solutions cum high performance materials. A longstanding believer in giving back to society, Mr Yap feels privileged that he has the opportunity to help the young in their education trajectory.
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Last updated on 25 Jan 2018.