Research Grants

SMU encourages the exploration of new fields across different disciplines. In doing so, the University expands opportunities for faculty to attract funding and resources from internal and external sources.

The Office of Research coordinates both internal and external research programmes, notifying SMU faculty about funding opportunities as well as supporting them with the preparation of grant applications.

External Funding

MOE Academic Research Fund (AcRF) Tier-II Programme

Other External Research Funding Opportunities

To find out more about external funding opportunities, please contact:

Odelia TAN (65) 6808 5151 

Internal Funding

There are two Calls for Proposals each academic year, where internal research grants are awarded to support SMU faculty’s research activities and to build a strong foundation of investigator-led research in the University.

Access SMU Research Grant System (RGS)

Awarded Projects

Pre-Award Stage - Resources

Grant Application Guidelines

Application Form

Budget Form

SMU-IRB Declaration Form

Post-Award Stage - Resources

Guidelines on Disbursement/Reimbursement of Funds

Annex to Guidelines on Disbursement/Reimbursement of Funds

Project Management Requests Other Forms
Submission of Final Report (closing of project) Research Trip Application Form
Request for Project Extension Data Collection Involving Human Subjects
Budget Variation Form Part-time Research Assistant Payroll
  Timesheet - Part-time RAs


For more information about SMU's internal grants, please contact:

Ms Zhang Hui Juan (65) 6808 5436


Last updated on 3 Mar 2016.