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Embark on the adventure of your lifetime and discover the New Asia! With SMU, you are here for a learning environment that constantly challenges the mind. We provide an interactive and participative experience - one that is cutting edge and technologically enabled. Besides a top-class curriculum and an excellent faculty, SMU embraces a culture of versatility and creativity. At the wirelessly connected city campus, students enjoy world-class e-learning facilities and amenities.

Expect a revolutionary time at SMU, one that stretches your intellectual abilities and offers extraordinary possibilities. So fast forward your dream and live the SMU experience!




Students can apply as an exchange student at SMU if they are from one of SMU's partner universities. Please click here to refer to the list of partner universities .

You should have completed at least one year of tertiary education at your home university at the time of participation in the exchange programme.

English is the main communication medium in SMU and Singapore. If your first language is not English, please provide evidence of your English language proficiency (such as TOEFL).

The score for TOEFL-test should be equivalent to 550 points (the paper-based test) or 213 points (the computer-based test) or between 79 - 80 points (the internet based test). The overall score for IELTS should be equivalent to 6.5 points. The score for TOEIC should be 700 points.

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Students may also apply to our Visiting Students Programme for a semester on a fee-paying basis. Students on this programme will have to meet SMU's admissions criteria and read courses from a selected list.

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Last updated on 20 Jan 2015.