Doctoral Programmes at SMU

SMU Academic Research Doctoral Programmes

PhD in Business

This programme aims to develop exceptional scholars who have a deep understanding of the research issues that confront the business world and are able to conduct cutting-edge independent research in their respective fields...

PhD in Economics

SMU’s Economics PhD programme trains you to do rigorous research and analysis in Economics. It is delivered by internationally recognised professors who are actively engaged in research, and who are dedicated to teaching and training the next generation of economic researchers, teachers and policy makers... 

PhD in Psychology

This programme is designed to equip students with doctoral-level knowledge in content areas in psychology and research methodology, with a focus on areas in experimental, social, personality and organisational psychology...

PhD in Information Systems

This programme produces graduates with the ability to address deep technological challenges in real-world information systems that impact business processes or management...

SMU Practice Research Doctoral Programmes

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Singapore Management University’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a doctoral programme for scholars and senior management who aspire to pursue practice-driven research with the potential to create business impact. 

Doctor of Innovation

This programme delivers practice-focused and multi-disciplinary training at the doctoral level. Areas of focus include research design & methods, innovation development & strategy, marketing & product strategy, commercialisation and the financing of innovations.