Market-Based Capabilities & Financial Performance

Jul 2013

Professor Rajendra Srivastava

In today’s knowledge-driven economy, the source of competitive advantage has shifted from tangible assets to ‘market assets’ (such as brands, customers, channels and market capitalisation) and ‘market-based capabilities’ (such as marketing, operations and innovation).

Professor Rajendra Srivastava, Provost, Deputy President (Academic Affairs) and a professor of marketing at SMU, and a highly-cited scholar in market strategy, has written one of the most influential articles entitled ‘Market-based Assets and Shareholder Value: A Framework for Analysis’.

The paper is published in the Journal of Marketing and has received four major awards: the 1999 Maynard Award (Best Theoretical Paper); the MSI/Paul Root Award (Best Practice Paper); the 1999 MSI Best Paper Award and the AMA, and the 2007 Sheth Foundation Award for the article written in Journal of Marketing during the previous ten years that is judged to contribute most to the marketing discipline.

With a background that combines operations/supply chains, finance, and marketing, Professor Srivastava lends a multi-disciplinary perspective on management of business processes and corporate performance.  His research has opened up a new field focusing on the marketing and finance interface. 

In this podcast, Professor Srivastava shares his insights and knowledge about the impact that innovation, risk management, as well as market-based assets and capabilities have on the financial performance and long-term sustainability of firms.



Additional information for reference:

'Market-based Assets and Shareholder Value: A Framework for Analysis' - by Rajendra Srivastava



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