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A premier university in Asia, the Singapore Management University (SMU) is internationally recognised for its world class research and distinguished teaching.

With an emphasis on generating rigorous, high impact cross-disciplinary research that addresses Asian issues of global relevance, SMU’s faculty from its six schools – School of Accountancy, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, School of Economics, School of Information Systems, School of Law and School of Social Sciences – collaborate closely to generate leading-edge research with a global impact.  They also collaborate with leading foreign researchers, as well as partners in the business community and public sector through its research institutes and centres.

This section is an online resource of SMU podcasts that feature research and business insights from SMU faculty on a diverse range of subject matters.


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Associate Professor Cheng Shih-Fen

Improving taxi fleet efficiency in Singapore

Apr 2016
Associate Professor Norman Li

Less is more? The key to modern happiness

Apr 2016
Assistant Professor Shim Kyong Jin

Social Sensing & Analytics

Jan 2016
Professor Chow Hwee Kwan

Singapore’s monetary policy framework

Jan 2016
Assistant Professor Holly Yang

Management earnings forecasts & voluntary disclosure

Oct 2015
Assistant Professor Marcus Lee

Delivering service excellence

Sep 2015
Assistant Professor Eliza Mik

‘Terms of Use’ & the Privacy Hot-button

Aug 2015
Professor Robert H. Deng

Mobile computing security

Jul 2015
Assistant Professor Hannah Chang

Consumer Decision-Making: Feelings versus Reasons

Jun 2015
Assistant Professor Hoon Chang Yau

Understanding ethnicity & identity

Apr 2015
Professor Venky Shankararaman

Innovation in information systems pedagogy at SMU

Apr 2015
Assistant Professor Tan Kar Way

Towards sustainable, green growth

Mar 2015
Assistant Professor Amanda Jakobsson

From heterogeneous firms to MNCs through export-learning & FDI

Feb 2015
Assistant Professor Aurobindo Ghosh

Corporate governance & mutual fund performance

Dec 2014
Assistant Professor Nafis Hanif

The business of organised crime

Nov 2014
Professor David Lee

A closer look at Asian Finance

Aug 2014
Associate Professor Misra Archan

Mobile sensing & analytics

Jul 2014
Professor Rhema Vaithianathan

Health economics and its impact

Jun 2014
Associate Professor Seow Poh Sun

The role of IT in Accounting

May 2014
Associate Professor Jeremy Goh

Corporate finance & governance

Apr 2014
Professor Rajendra Srivastava

Retailing & branding in emerging markets

Apr 2014
Assistant Professor Mahdev Mohan

Transnational Litigation

Mar 2014
Associate Professor Ding Xuhua

Data Security

Mar 2014
Professor James Tang

China-US Relations

Jan 2014
Professor Hoon Hian Teck

A closer look at wages in Singapore

Jan 2014
Professor Desai Arcot Narasimhalu

Nurturing innovative entrepreneurs

Dec 2013
Assistant Professor Aurobindo Ghosh

Inflation insights - Singapore & beyond

Dec 2013
Professor Steven Miller

Big Data Analytics

Oct 2013
Associate Professor Christie Scollon

The Science of Happiness

Sep 2013
Associate Professor Annie Koh

Building sustainable family businesses

Sep 2013
Professor Rajendra Srivastava

Market-based capabilities & financial performance

Jul 2013
Associate Professor Gregor Halff

Effective CEO branding

Jul 2013
Professor David Chan

Subjective well-being & public policy

Jul 2013

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