SMU Infographics

Humans understand visual information more readily than words, and by presenting information graphically, we ensure that our audiences are more engaged and are not overwhelmed by detail.

As a leading university in innovation and creativity, the Singapore Management University (SMU) has developed a series of infographics about the University that are quickly and easily understood. These quick facts, figures, important tips and guides are also appealing and easy to share. After all, infographics are the smart, new, digital way of passing on information. 

SMU Infographics: Round Up of the Top SMU Social Media Content in 2013

The best of our social media posts in 2013, as decided by you! Find out what you liked, viewed, shared or commented on most in this infographic.
12 Feb 2014

SMU Infographics: SMU Open House 2014

Don't get lost in the urban jungle! Let this map help you plan your route during the SMU Open House 2014, happening on 1 and 2 March!
12 Feb 2014

SMU Infographics: Financial Aid Guide 2014

At SMU, we believe no deserving undergraduate student should be denied an education. Learn about our comprehensive financial initiatives and have a peace of mind to focus on your studies at SMU.
5 Feb 2014

SMU Infographics: How to be a Super Intern

An internship plays an integral role in your holistic career exploration journey, by exposing you to different career options. Even though most interns strive to perform well during their internships, not everyone can be a Super Intern. Download this infographic for some super tips to help you make a super impression!
4 Feb 2014

SMU Infographics: How to Identify Innovation Opportunities Simply and Quickly

Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires a keen eye for identifying new business opportunities. Download this infographic to find out how QaDIM™, or Quick and Dirty Innovation Method, can help you to spot and capitalise on fresh opportunities easily!
30 Jan 2014

SMU Infographics: 10 Tips for Choosing Your University

We know the process of choosing the right university can be overwhelming and challenging as you sift through voluminous information and try to answer all those questions popping inside your head. Download this infographic to find out what are the top 10 considerations you should make before making the life-changing decision!
27 Jan 2014

SMU Infographics: Top 7 Reasons Why Students Choose SMU

From our unrivalled interactive pedagogy to the many opportunities our students get to travel around the world, the list goes on. There are plenty of reasons why students choose to study at the Singapore Management University, but we’ve listed out the top seven! Download this infographic to find out how you too can Discover a Different U!
24 Jan 2014

SMU Infographics: Delivering the Forward-Thinking Education of Tomorrow

Since our inception, SMU has been a catalyst of change in the hitherto sleepy tertiary education landscape. By seamlessly leveraging the best technology to drive and evolve our unique interactive experiential programme, we continue to deliver the transformative, forward-thinking education that ranks highly with like-minded leaders of tomorrow.
24 Jan 2014