Career Services

The Office of Career Services (OCS) provides students with the finishing touches to the whole preparatory process through internship programme and career skills, so that they can make informed choices and maximise their employment opportunities. Some of the services students can look forward to include:

SMU OnTRAC . We maintain a searchable database of internship and job listings covering virtually every industry. Students can access our very own e-recruitment portal, SMU OnTRAC, to view the listings, submit their applications, monitor their progress and accept job offers. Anytime. Anywhere.

Trainings and Workshops . We offer a range of enrichment trainings and workshops throughout the academic year to help students to gain an immediate competitive advantage upon entering the job market.

Individual Counselling . We meet one-on-one with students for career counselling, provide resume and cover letter critique and administer various personality inventories.

Website . We provide and maintain volumes of advice about internship, community service and career-related matters on this website.

OCS also serves as the principal point of contact for employers that wish to recruit SMU interns or graduates. We provide both onsite and online recruitment services for prospective employers seeking for the right talents. Partnering with potential employers, we are committed to making SMU "The Place" to recruit dynamic, motivated and talented individuals with a good fit into the hiring organisations.

Last updated on 4 Sep 2012.