92% of SMU graduates are employed
    within 6 months of graduation.* 
    You too, can be one of them.

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    Undergraduate applications close 1 April 2015

    *Graduate Employment Survey 2014

    SMU TEAM AT 2015

    SMU defends the national title for the third
    consecutive year, sweeping all prizes
    including Best Memorial and Best Oralist.

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    Representing the Asia Pacific region, the
    team from School of Information Systems
    performed commendably in the 24-hour
    competition against 16 other teams.

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    The urban farming initiative invites people
    from all walks of life to join the movement
    on sustainable living and building a
    greener community.

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Insights from Thought Leaders

From Heterogeneous Firms to MNCs through Export-learning & FDI

Assistant Professor Amanda Jakobsson
Feb 2015

Professor Jakobsson studied how policy changes such as stronger patent protection and trade liberalisation affect innovation, technology transfer and consumer welfare. She presents a dynamic general equilibrium model that shows how heterogeneous firms can innovate, learn how to export and eventually become multinational firms.


Long-term Effects of Early-Life Malnutrition on Health Outcomes

Feb 2015

Early-life nutrition plays an important role in human capital formulation and has lasting effect on health in the later stages of life. Research in this area has mostly centered on famines that occurred in western countries during the last century.
Assistant Professor Kim Seong Hoon

Research@SMU and Its Impact

Bringing Transparency to Financial Reporting

18 Feb 2015

Research on financial reporting and disclosure examines issues at the heart of business, say Professors...

Humble Leaders

18 Feb 2015

What is leader humility?  Is leader humility in Singapore the same as elsewhere?  How much do Singaporeans...

Letting Cities Develop Naturally

18 Feb 2015

SMU Assistant Professor Hsu Wen-Tai uses mathematical models to study urban landscapes and what makes big...

The Importance of Internal Controls

18 Feb 2015

SMU Associate Professor Goh Beng Wee investigates the benefits and consequences of internal controls to...

The Ins and Outs of Constitutional Review

18 Feb 2015

A country’s constitution protects the rights of its citizens. But who protects the constitution? SMU...

Other Highlights

State of UniversityState of University
Address 2014

SMU President shares his vision, direction and strategies in taking SMU to a higher level of excellence.

Undergraduate AdmissionsGraduates Going Places

SMU's unique pedagogy and holistic education prepared our graduates to excel in the world beyond the University. Explore and learn about their transformational journey in A Different U.

Postgraduate Research ProgrammesPostgraduate Research Programmes

Impacting business, public instituitions and society through research. 

Watch a video on SMU PhD Student-Faculty Interaction.

Master of Science in Wealth ManagementMaster of Science in Wealth Management

Ranked 2nd globally and 1st in Asia by Financial Times.


Areas of Excellence

SMU's Areas of Excellence are university-level competencies that leverage inter-disciplinary approaches to solve challenges for society. ATTRACTIVE SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PHD STUDENTS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EXCITING WORK IN THESE AREAS.

Analytics for Business, Consumer & Social Insights

  • Big data is the new norm of and the capabilities of new technologies make new insights possible.
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Finance & Financial Markets

  • Financial markets are vital to enabling business creation and expansion. SMU hosts 17 competencies and real-world test beds related to financial markets.
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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • In global markets, innovation is the foundation of economic growth and entrepreneurship provides the necessary mobilization for economic value creation.
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