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'I bridge research inventions
with industry adoption.'

Dr Hu Meiqun
Scientist, Business Analytics Translational Centre
Institute for Infocomm Research, A*Star
[Graduate, PhD in Information Systems (2012)]

Take the SMU PhD so that you can also be sought after by good academic institutions and industry organisations just like Meiqun.

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"A holistic education made
me well rounded.
Now I take on different
challenges without
missing a beat."

Like Jiahui, you too can become a multifaceted leader.

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  • Dynamic, Innovative and backed by...
  • Expect a First-Rate Postgraduate..
  • 84% of SMU students experience...
  • I bridge research inventions...
  • A holistic education made me well...

Insights from Thought Leaders

A Closer Look at Asian Finance

Professor David Lee
Aug 2014

Asian economies and their financial sectors have both shown great resilience and have undergone significant transformation over the last two decades.


Copyright & Personal Data Protection Laws - Trends & Developments in Asia & Beyond

Aug 2014

The Internet and social media have become a big part of our everyday life, and an unprecedented amount of information – from movies, music to pictures and personal data – is easily accessible online.
Associate Professor Warren Chik

Research@SMU and Its Impact

Estimating Risks and Resolving Paradoxes

28 Aug 2014

SMU Professor Lim Kian Guan uses sophisticated mathematical tools to extract information out of options data...

Making Sense of Social Media

28 Aug 2014

Professor Lim Ee Peng from the SMU School of Information Systems turns Twitter noise into useful and...

Measuring the Impact of Financial Policies

28 Aug 2014

Mutual and hedge funds manage trillions of dollars, but how should they be regulated? Assistant Professor...

The Importance of Being an Ethical Company

28 Aug 2014

Firms must fine-tune their corporate governance mechanisms to prevent unethical behaviour and take quick...

Other Highlights

State of UniversityState of University
Address 2014

SMU President shares his vision, direction and strategies in taking SMU to a higher level of excellence.

Undergraduate AdmissionsGraduates Going Places

SMU's unique pedagogy and holistic education prepared our graduates to excel in the world beyond the University. Explore and learn about their transformational journey in A Different U.

Postgraduate Research ProgrammesPostgraduate Research Programmes

Impacting business, public instituitions and society through research. 

Watch a video on SMU PhD Student-Faculty Interaction.

Master of Science in CFO LeadershipMaster of Science in CFO Leadership

From finance leader to business partner, make your mark in every role.


Areas of Excellence

SMU's Areas of Excellence are university-level competencies that leverage inter-disciplinary approaches to solve challenges for society. ATTRACTIVE SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PHD STUDENTS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EXCITING WORK IN THESE AREAS.

Analytics for Business, Consumer & Social Insights

  • Big data is the new norm of and the capabilities of new technologies make new insights possible.
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Finance & Financial Markets

  • Financial markets are vital to enabling business creation and expansion. SMU hosts 17 competencies and real-world test beds related to financial markets.
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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • In global markets, innovation is the foundation of economic growth and entrepreneurship provides the necessary mobilization for economic value creation.
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